Functional and Female Urology

Welcome to the Functional and Female Urology subsection of the Urological Society of India.

Vision and Mission:
Female and Functional Urology subsection of USI includes all related areas ranging from encouraging research projects to supporting best practices. This subsection is unique in that it deals with chronic, difficult to classify diseases that must be viewed in the sense of adjacent conditions and many a times requires multidisciplinary approach along with gynaecologists and neurologists.

Members of Functional and Female Urology Subsection

The Functional and Female Urology subsection like other sections of the USI has one convener and four members that lead the Functional and Female Urology Subsection

Dr. Sanjay Sinha is the convenor of the Functional and Female Urology Subsection along with four expert members:

Dr. Arabind Panda –
Dr. Nikhil Khattar –
Dr. Pawan Vasudeva-
Dr. Mayank Agarwal-

Our Responsibilities

Aside from organising meetings dedicated to our subspecialty field, we are very eager to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between generations. Access to training in the field of female and functional urology is not uniform across the nation, and this exchange is extremely vital considering the multidimensional character of our specialty.

Latest News in Female and Functional Urology

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