Welcome to USI Web 2.0. This new version of the USI website brings more interaction, participations, updates and features. Rather than serving final products and announcements this website displays whats in process and how you can contribute to the new and more vibrant USI. This new website has something for everyone, and as a member of USI we are thankful to you for supporting this organization and look forward to your active support. If you haven’t registered with us yet and not seen the personal page we have for you, please access it here.

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The Uro-Oncology section deals with tumors and cancers of the Genito-Urinary System. 

Laparoscopic & Robotic Urology

The latest in Laparoscopic and Robotic urology is here. Check out the page !

Andrology and Men's Health

The Andrology section deals with Sexual Dysfunction and Male Infertility


Stay connected with Urologists interested in Renal Transplant as their niche on this page.

Endo-Urology and Urolithiasis

The Endourology section deals with urolithiasis and endourological procedures


If you share the love for Reconstructive Urology, get your inspiration here.

Functional Urology

Functional and Female Urology deals with chronic difficult to classify diseases


Basic science supports the core of urology and there is a lot going on in basic sciences.


The Pediatric Urology section deals with various pediatric urological disorders

Other Cells &

Innovations, Legal Cell, Website development and management are all here.

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Learn about USI 2.0

The Web-editor of USI Website Dr. Raman Tanwar introduces the new features of USI website 2.0. If you are new to this website or have any difficulties in using the website please go through this video to know whats available and whats coming up in USI 2.0.

We also urge you to contribute to the website by submitting your articles, awards, pictures and comments. Look forward to a great interaction online.

Dr. Raman Tanwar, Web-editor, USI

Whats new in USIWeb 2.0

  • For Residents
  • For Consultants

The new USI website features exciting content for residents.  The new added features include various e-courses and operative procedure modules (videos and photos) for the residents. It will also provide complete and updated details regarding various fellowship courses offered in various institutions across the country for the young and budding urologists apart from offering the latest news and updates from not just India but the entire globe. It will be easier for residents to upgrade their memberships and stay abreast with academic activities in a virtual manner as well as stay connected through social media.

The USI website aims to be a ever changing and dynamic urology resource for practising urologists with focus on subspecialty to carve a niche. A common dilemma faced by the recently passed out urologists is the search of a job placement. With this new website, USI shall also provide details of job vacancies in various hospitals across the country. The USI website also supports consultants through a continuous learning program that offers online courses,  case based discussions, webinars on other aspects of urology and a regular update of newer occurrences.

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Youth of USI (YOU) Section

The youth of USI now has a separate niche in urology with the launch of the Youth Section of the Urological Society of India. The youth section is led by some dynamic and young leaders who are active and carry a vision of leading the urological society of India to newer heights. If you are young consultant or resident under the age of 45 years or with less than 10 years of practice after completion of your formal training then this is the group you should be looking forward to be a part of.

The youth section helps you carve your niche and provides guidance on how to choose the right path. In your journey you will find fellow urologists facing similar struggles and sharing solutions which will make the path not only interesting but easier. This is the section with a spark ! A section full of youthful insanity, innovations and the zeal to make urology more advanced, more comfortable and more easy to master.

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