Month: September 2020

Diagnostic modalities in Ca Prostate: Do we have too many or too less?

13th September, 2020 1000 – 1300 hrs Prostate carcinoma continues to be an enigma for uro-oncologists the world over. With the varied presentations and the myriad of diagnostic modalities available, and an ever increasing molecular and genomic markers, we need to revisit the appropriate diagnostic workup. How do the genomic biomarkers add to the management […]

Grafts and Flaps in Urology Webinar

6th September, 1000-1315 Hrs Reconstructive urology is one of the challenging subspecialties. It is a combination of knowledge of anatomy & physiology of healing along with ingenuity & art. Reconstruction indeed is all about grafts and flaps; which are really the nuts and bolts of reconstructive urology. When naturally similar tissues cannot be brought together […]

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