AGM 2020


Welcome by the President Dr Madhu Agrawal welcomed all the members present to the God’s own country, Kochi, Kerala and to the annual general body meeting of the Urological Society of India. He hoped to have a congenial and fruitful meeting. The members enquired regarding the attendance register which needs to be signed by all the members attending the GBM. It was informed that the same is available at the entrance of the hall for all the members to sign and would also be circulated in the hall for those who had not earlier signed the same. It was also advised to have the minutes of the general body meeting in the signature register of the general body.

2020/AGM/02 Obituary

Dr Rajeev T P informed the members of the sad demise of Dr Priyank Bijalwan from Amrita Kochi, Dr N Krishnamoorthy from Madurai and Dr S M Hastak from Jabalpur. The members stood in silence for 2 minutes to pay their homage to the departed souls.

2020/AGM/03 Approval of Agenda

Dr Rajeev T P expressed that the agenda was circulated to the members well in advance and was also included in the December edition of the USI newsletter and requested for the approval of the same. Dr S K Singh expressed that the venue Hall of the GBM was written wrongly which needs to be corrected and the other was in relation to the agenda regarding the venue for USICON 2022 which should read as Venue for USICON 2022, Chandigarh – Report and Discussion and not Venue for USICON 2022 – report and discussion. The agenda was then approved unanimously. Proposed by Dr Ashok Sharma and seconded by Dr Kamaljeet Singh

2020/AGM/04 Confirmation of minutes of AGM on 25th January 2019 at Bhubaneswar

Dr Rajeev T P requested for the confirmation of the minutes of the AGM held on 25th January 2019 at Bhubaneswar which were circulated to all the members twice through the USI Newsletter. Dr J Lalmalani enquired that the minutes of the last year’s AGM also included the discussions on USICON 2017, Mumbai and the same discussion is also a part of the agenda for this AGM. He was reassured that the same would be discussed again in due course at the time of the agenda discussion. The minutes were then passed unanimously. Proposed by Dr Anil Elhence and seconded by Dr Deepak Kirpekar

2020/AGM/05 Matters arising out of the minutes

Dr Rajeev T P invited the members to discuss any matter which they would like to discuss arising out of the minutes of the last AGM. Dr PP Rao raised the issue of merging of the BOE into ISU. He expressed that a new wing of USI had been started in the year 2017 without the proper course of action being taken which would have been inviting a constitutional amendment for the same and a new post of ISU Chairman was created for a period of 5 years whereas all the terms in our Society are only for a period of two years, barring the President who has a term of one year and the Editor of IJU who has the term of 5 years. Dr Rajeev T P expressed that this matter was discussed in the GBM of 2017 and was passed by the general body. It was discussed again in the 2018 Jaipur GBM wherein it was deferred for discussion at USICON 2019 wherein again it was discussed and unanimously the ISU was approved by the GBM and the BOE was merged with ISU. He further expressed that the updated constitution was circulated to all the members twice and shall be brought up further in the agenda.

After that, the members were of the opinion that the matter of USICON 2017 should be discussed as it is also a part of matters arising out the minutes of the previous AGM. The same was approved. Dr Madhu Agrawal appraised that the matter of the conduct of USICON 2017 was discussed during the AGM at Bhubaneswar in January 2019 and the enquiry committee was constituted during the AGM at Jaipur in 2018 and the committee had submitted their report. After the report was discussed in great detail in Bhubaneswar and as a final conclusion the general body were of the opinion that there should be a legal opinion taken and a legal notice should be served. He informed that for the first time in our Society, not only the legal opinion was taken,but a legal advisor was also appointed for USI who is a senior Supreme Court Lawyer of more than 20 years reputation and he has very graciously accepted to be the Honorary Legal advisor, without charging any fees. All the documents related to the matter were submitted to him which included the audited reports from the Mumbai USICON, the enquiry committee reports, the external auditor’s report and all the other documents. The legal advisor studied the same and a legal notice was served by him to the USICON 2017 event managers to which they did not reply. Another stern legal notice was again served after 2 months, to which we had received a reply from the event manager. After which the office bearers of the Society along with the legal cell convener, Dr Lalit Shah met the Lawyer at Noida during NZUSICON and the matter was discussed threadbare with him including the options of filing a case against the event manager. But the Lawyer very stridently stated that in the eyes of the law the annual conference is a part of the Society, as the conference was conducted under the PAN Card of USI and any action against the conference would be an action against the Society and he was very austerely of the opinion that that this course of action should not be taken as it would not be in the best interests of our Society. But if the members so desire a money suite can be filed which could drag on for years. He had also advised to seek a solution within the Society and acting on the same a meeting was held at Ahmedabad wherein it was decided that the organizing committee of USICON 2017 would come up and apologize to the general body and make a statement for the inadequate arrangements of the conference. Dr Madhu Agrawal then requested for the permission from

the general body to allow the organizers of Mumbai conference to address the meeting. At this stage, Dr Kamaljeet Singh and Dr Jacky Lalmalani expressed their views and displeasure regarding the matter and asked for punitive action to be taken on the organizers. Other members also expressed their views regarding the matter. The members were also of the view that if the USI Council had discussed the matter and taken a vote then the same should be informed to the general body so that an appropriate decision can be taken. At this juncture, Dr Anil Bradoo presented his clarifications. He expressed that the organizing committee had whole heartedly answered all the queries put up by the enquiry committee during the last three years but have not received any letter related to the enquiry committee’s observations. He further expressed that during the USICON 2018 and 2019, the organizing committee had apologized to the general body and the same were also accepted during the USICON at Bhubaneswar. He further clarified that being a paperless conference, all the money was deposited in the bank and cheques were issued against it and accounted for. All the statement of accounts was submitted to the Enquiry Committee whenever asked for. The financial transactions were notified to the USI officials from time to time. He also stated that the matter was discussed in detail during the last AGM and it was made to understand to us after we had apologized to the general body, that a legal course would be taken towards the event manager which was accepted by the organizers and there was no proof of misappropriation of funds by the organizing team of the conference.

At this juncture the Chairman Enquiry Committee, Dr Rajeev Sood also reiterated that misappropriation of funds and mismanagement of the conference are two different things and there definitely was mismanagement but the discussion should now come to an end as it has been discussed for a long time now. Dr Umesh Oza at this stage addressed the GBM. He expressed that the organizing team had taken the onus of organizing the conference with all hope and intentions of conducting a very good conference. But it was unfortunate that the same could not happen in spite of best efforts and the delegates were dissatisfied with the conduct of the conference. The organizing team are apologetic for the same. But it was very unfortunate that the organizers were accused of misappropriation of funds which is not acceptable and caused a great grief to the organizing team. He urged the members to not level such accusations. Dr Sood expressed that there was mismanagement and not misappropriation of funds. Dr Kamaljeet Singh mentioned that the organizers have apologized a number of times and the matter should be stopped now. Dr Jacky mentioned that he had raised 8 questions which were based on the observations based on the responses by the chartered accountant. The questions still remain unanswered. He again brought the details to the members. Dr Ajay Kumar mentioned that it is improper to keep giving more importance to just one person in the meeting. President Dr Madhu Agrawal stopped the commotion and brought the house to order. At this juncture, Dr Vaze requested the members, as the last day of his term as immediate past president, he is apologizing again to the council and the GB, and expressed that there was a problem faced by members, and there was also overcharge at certain places, to have a final decision and the organizing committee will accept it with full humility. He also mentioned that USI has been a fully legal compliant body in his term by his hard work and requested all the members to resolve the matter finally. Members debated over the matter and resolved to close the matter. It was also resolved that the matter will not be brought to the AGM again or in any legal fora. The members also discussed regarding a code of conduct by the members on social platforms. Proposed by Dr Ajay Kumar seconded by Dr Kamaljeet Singh.

Dr Rajeev TP assured that in future USI will be organizing the conferences and till he is in the chair he will ensure that no conference will be held at a place which is not suitable. Dr Madhu Agrawal added that a legal opinion was taken in this matter and the GB resolved to close the matter in all legal forums also. He also thanked the GB for arriving at an amicable solution and closing the matter.

2020/AGM/06 President’s address – ‘Vision Document 2020’

Dr Madhu Agrawal presented his vision document; He informed the General Body that this year the USI Council had been busy in implementing the decisions passed by the General Body in previous years and also in taking up a lot of new initiatives. He informed that the year started with the implementation of online elections. The next on the agenda was organization of annual conferences under the direct supervision of USI. He expressed that to decrease the cost of expenses of the conference it was reiterated that henceforth there shall be no expenses on conference bags, momentoes and even on celebrities for the entertainment programs. Dr Rajeev expressed that the conference fee has already been reduced considerably and for the Ahmedabad conference the early bird registration was capped at only Rs 5800/- + GST. He urged the members to take the maximum benefit and to register as early bird which would be available till the end of the conference. Dr Madhu Agrawal further expressed that the legal cell and services cell was restarted during the year and has already informed, a legal consultant was also appointed for the Society. A new addition for the benefit of the Young Urologists, the subspecialty fellowships was also started under the leadership of Dr Anant Kumar this year. Centres across the country have been identified and young Urologists are invited to take these fellowships. Even our neighbouring countries and EAU and AUA have expressed interest in these fellowships. National database for Cancer registry has become a reality now. 5 major cancer centres in the country, one each for one Urological cancer have become nodal centres to provide and evaluate data. Dr Rajeev Kumar would be the convener for this initiative. He welcomed all the members to participate in the registry. This initiative would be started on other urological diseases also soon. Next he expressed that the USI Handbook is being compiled with all the latest information on our Society for the benefit of the members. He further expressed that the Youth Wing of our Society was also formed this year on the initiative of our Hon Secretary, Dr  Rajeev T P. He also conveyed that the USI Council has discussed regarding the social security scheme of our members and the same shall be discussed as a separate agenda further in the meeting. He then informed the General Body that the relations of USI with almost all the other major Urological Associations Internationally has been very good, with renewing the bilateral MoUs at equal footings and also having new MoUs which were not there earlier. He further informed that a new Association has been formed in South Asia, SAARC Association of Urological Surgeons (SAUS) with countries of the South Asia. Dr Ajay Kumar expressed that the use of the term SAARC by anyone is against the charter of the SAARC Association. Dr Madhu Agrawal clarified that the matter has already been looked into and our association would be called as SAUS and that the application for formal affiliation with SAARC was already in process. The next matter brought up by Dr Madhu Agrawal was the matter of USI-SIU relations. He informed that he was approached by the SIU leadership to sort out the issues between the USI and SIU. He expressed that he was in talks with all the people involved in the matter and had meetings with them and now all the parties involved have reached a consensus amicably and have agreed to renew the relations between both the Societies. SIU has also revoked its decision of expulsion of Dr Rajeev Sood and Dr Jacky Lalmalani’s membership and have welcomed both of them again into SIU. The SIU-INS would now be merged with USI with all its assets. In this regard, a new MoU has also been signed between USI and SIU. It was also decided to accept back Dr Kim Mammen and Dr Muneer Khan as SIU Delegate and Deputy Delegate. All the court cases would now be revoked and all the pending issues would be resolved. At this juncture, Dr Rajeev Sood expressed his pleasure that with the efforts of many of the senior members the matter was resolved and now the bilateral relations can be renewed. He confirmed that he would be taking back all the court cases also. The General Body applauded the decision and approved restoration of the bilateral relations between USI and SIU and also to reinstate the SIU Lecture in our annual conference. Proposed by Dr Shailesh Raina and seconded by Dr Joseph Philipraj. After this the President’s report was concluded and his document was passed unanimously. Proposed by Dr Kandarp Parikh and seconded by Dr Prashant Patnaik.

2020/AGM/07 Honorary Secretary’s Report

Dr Rajeev T P presented the Hon Secretary’s report. He thanked all the members for reposing faith in him and electing him as the Hon Secretary of the Society. He expressed his pleasure and honour in presenting his first Hon Secretary’s report for

the year. He thanked Dr Madhu Agrawal for his continuous guidance and support throughout the year. He informed the members that he had been presenting the activities of the Society to the members every month by way of Secretary Online. He presented the membership status of the Society. He expressed that he has been interacting with the zonal and state chapters to increase the membership drive of our Society. He then presented the activities of the Society for the year. He informed the members regarding the mock exams and other educational activities conducted by way of Cadaver Workshops, UROMET programs, Webinars, USI-AUA Board Review Course, the USI Online examination for travel fellowships and the Non-academic CME-UROCOMMUNICON. There was also USI Podcasts started with Dr GG Laxman Prabhu as the convener. We have started the initiative with the interviews of the stalwarts of the Society. He also briefed regarding the International events conducted during the year, like the Best of AUA and Best of EAU along with the Best of USI conducted in the SAARC countries which was a new initiative started this year on the request of various SAARC nations.

He then informed about the other activities under the aegis of USI-ISU-BOE. There were various programs conducted, some of which were BOE Workshop on Paediatric Urology at SGPGI in March 2019, LUTD 2019 at Manipal which was a BOE program on LUTD. It was a comprehensive program in lower urinary tract dysfunction across all age groups, MIE Master class was held at Agra and streamed live, the other event was BOE ‘CAP Summit on Carcinoma Prostate held at Kolkata in May 2019. He informed that the process of making guidelines of various Urological diseases is in process under the convenorship of Prof N P Gupta and thanked him and his team on behalf of the whole council for the hard work and hoped that USI would have detailed guidelines in near future. He also informed that the work on national database for Urological malignancies is also in progress and Dr Rajeev Kumar is actively working on the same. The software is ready and database will be active soon. This would be extended to other Urological diseases also.

He then informed the general body regarding the extensive work done by Dr M Ramalingam in conjuction with L&T in developing a Surgical Robotic training module which is a Make in India innovation and which was awarded one of the top innovation awards. USI applauds Dr Ramalingam for bringing laurels to the Society. Dr Rajeev T P then detailed regarding the zonal conferences held during the year. He expressed that the SZUSICON, was held during the second week of July at Coimbatore and was well attended and the members participated with great enthusiasm in all the programs. Full credit to the organizing committee, ASU council & all delegates, for such a wonderful program, especially to Dr C S Ratkal, Dr Arun Chawla and Dr. Kuppurajan the organizing secretary. The West Zone Chapter USI annual conference (WZUSICON 2019), was held at Lagoon Resort, Rajkot from 26th to 28th September. There was a pre-conference workshop on the 26th. He congratulated Dr Vivek Joshi who was the organizing chairman and Dr Jitendra Amlani who was the Organizing Secretary. Over 350 delegates participated in the same and made it a grand success. In the second week of October, East zone Chapter had its annual conference at Ranchi. The venue was spacious, spread over a huge campus. Halls were no less than a modern theatre with comfortable seats. The scientific program was well compiled and appreciated by all the delegates. He congratulated the council of EZUSI and the local organizers for conducting a very good program. The annual conference of North Zone was held from 15th to 17th of November at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida. Over 400 delegates attended the same. The arrangements done by the organizing team headed by Dr Ajit Saxena and Dr Sanjay Garg under the guidance of dynamic Dr Anil Elhence and Dr Shivam Priyadarshi were excellent and have set a bench mark for all future zonal meets.

Dr Rajeev T P informed the general body regarding the new initiative started by USI regarding the Best of USI in our neighbouring countries. He informed that this initiative was started for those countries which have a bilateral MoU with USI. The first Best of USI Program was conducted this year in Nepal on Uro Oncology with three of our faculties Dr Bhalchandra Kashyapi, Dr Sudhir Rawal and Dr Rajeev Kumar conducting the course which was well appreciated. He then informed that this year the BOE has been effectively upgraded to the Indian School of Urology and he also presented the detailed calendar of events for the year 2020 to be held under USI. Finally, he thanked all the members for their love and support and hoped to get valuable feedbacks from the members regarding various activities of the Society. At this juncture, Prof P Venugopal noted that when USI is making the guidelines for the Urological diseases, the Indian guidelines should be made in the Indian way. It should not be based on the International structure as our country is a big country with diverse topography and diverse climate structures. Dr Madhu Agrawal assured Dr P Venugopal that his suggestions would be passed on to the guidelines committee. The Secretary’s Report was appreciated and passed unanimously. Proposed by Dr D Ramesh and seconded by Dr Shivam Priyadarshi.

2020/AGM/08 Honorary Treasurer’s Report

Dr K Pitchai Balshanmugham presented the Hon Treasurer’s report for the year. Firstly, he presented the membership status details to the general body. He informed the general body that the membership of the Society stands at 4434 with 2573 full members, 290 trainee members, 129 international members and 1442 associate members. He then detailed regarding the assets and liabilities of the Society. He presented the audited accounts of the Society till 31st March 2019 and unaudited accounts till 31st December 2019. He also presented the incomes and expenses of the Society during the year. He also presented the details of the incomes and expenses during the year with regards to the important activities of the Society namely the Board of education and the Indian Journal of Urology. He also presented the details of the audited accounts for USICON 2019, Bhubaneswar. At this juncture, Dr Keshavamurthy expressed that the audited statement and the balance sheet of the annual conference

should be printed in the Newsletter supplement which is published every year in December as the accounts of the conference are incorporated in the Society’s accounts and hence should be available to all the members so that the same can be discussed in the general body. Dr Madhu Agrawal informed that the Balance Sheet is received late and hence could not be incorporated. Dr D Ramesh raised the issue of expenses towards the international travel of the USI office bearers. He expressed that the international travel was never given to the office bearers earlier. Dr Ramesh mentioned that this money had not been approved by the General Body. Dr Anant Kumar informed that the office bearers are representing the Society and hence they should be entitled for the reimbursement of the International travel, even if it was not done in the past and USI should reimburse the same as is being done by other International Societies. Even the smaller Societies like NAUS and Bangladesh are doing so. Dr Ramesh mentioned that the same sentiments were expressed in 2017 and it was rejected by the GBM. Dr Ramesh wanted to know as to who were the office bearers who were the beneficiaries of this money. He alleged that it was a misuse of the Society money. Dr Rajeev Kumar mentioned that it was wrong to have the President and Secretary travelling at their own expenses; rather guidelines need to be laid down on the travel reimbursements. Dr Madhu informed that the decision was made by the USI Council in two consecutive council meetings to reimburse the expenses of the President and Secretary. Members discussed over the matter. Dr Ramesh said that it is wrong to take such a decision without the approval of the general body. Dr S K Pal informed that all decisions cannot be taken by the General Body. The EC has been chosen by the members of the Society and is representative of the General Body. Members discussed over the issue. At this juncture, Dr Madhu Agrawal requested for the directions for the current year for the President and Secretary. Dr Rajeev Sood got up to refute the allegation of Dr Ramesh that the issue of reimbursement was rejected by the AGM at any time and clarified that that this was passed in the council but was not discussed in the subsequent GBM in 2017. At this point, Dr Rajeev T P circulated the minutes of the GBM of USICON 2017 at Mumbai published in the newsletter, which was prepared by the then Secretary of USI Dr D Ramesh. In the GBM minutes of 2017, there was no mention of the matter of reimbursement of travel expenses to the President and Secretary being discussed and rejected by the GBM. Two past presidents, namely Dr Ajay Kumar and Dr P B Singh went through the GBM minutes of 2017 and confirmed that the matter was not discussed or rejected by the GBM. Dr Rajeev Kumar asked if there is a financial implication in financial report submission to the IT department. To be compliant with the charity commissioner office and IT office, the Treasurer’s Report needs to be passed by the General Body. He also suggested a sealing of 3 lakhs each for the President and Secretary. Dr Ajay Kumar informed that there is no mention of rejection of International travel expenses of the office bearers in the AGM minutes of 2017. In that case the council has taken the decision and it was issued. Dr Keshav raised a question how it was passed for earlier Presidents and Secretaries. Dr Madhu detailed the decision of the council. He informed that the USI EC had taken the decision that the travel of the President and Secretary to only those countries where there is an official MoU was approved. The Treasurer’s report was then passed. Proposed by Dr Anil Elhence and seconded by Dr Ajit Vaze.

2020/AGM/09 Approval of new members

Dr Pitchai presented the list of trainee, full members and conversion applications received from trainee / associate members. The new members were approved by the general body.  

2020/AGM/10 Social Security Scheme for members of USI

Dr Madhu Agrawal informed the general body regarding the new initiative discussed by the USI Council for the welfare of the USI members. He expressed that till now there was no security from our Society for those members who passed away untimely. He expressed that there are many other Societies in our country which provide such social security schemes. He informed that Dr Pitchai and Dr Arvind Agarwal had proposed that USI members should also have a social security scheme. Dr Madhu Agrawal further updated the general body that proposals of insurance companies and also of the other Societies were studied by the council but were found to be difficult to implement. Dr Madhu Agrawal then presented the proposal which was formulated and then approved by the council members. He expressed that from every annual conference if 20 or 25% surplus can be put into the insurance corpus, we can have 20-25 lakhs per year. In case of death of a member under 65 yrs a particular amount can be paid to the deceased members family. He also presented the list of the deceased young members in the past years. Members deliberated on the issue and presented different views based on IMA and other Societies. Members approved the basic proposal of the social welfare scheme of death benefit to members and extension of scope for consideration in case of severe illnesses too. Proposed by Dr S K Sharma and seconded by Dr Rajinder Yadav.

2020/AGM/11 IJU Editors Report

Dr Rajeev Kumar presented the brief report of the activities of IJU. He informed that all the issues of the Journal were published in time and are well appreciated. Members were appreciative of it and passed the same. Proposed by Dr Lalit Shah and seconded by Dr Pankaj Maheshwari.

2020/AGM/12 Board of Education Report

The BOE Chairman, Dr Aneesh Srivastava presented the BOE activities for the year. He informed that he had completed his term as the Chairman. Members were very appreciative of the efforts of Dr Aneesh Srivastava and passed his report. Proposed by Dr Anil Elhence and seconded by Dr Datteswar Hota.

2020/AGM/13 ISU Chairman Report

Dr Rajeev Sood presented the brief report of activities of ISU during the year. Members were very appreciative and passed this report. Proposed by Dr Ajit Vaze and seconded by Dr Pankaj Maheshwari.

2020/AGM/14 Subject of USI Essay Competition 2020

Dr Rajeev TP proposed the topic approved by EC for the USI Essay Competition for the year 2020. He informed that the topic approved by the EC was “Future of Artificial Kidney”. He also mentioned for the information of the General Body that the last year essays had a lot of plagiarism and only 3 essays were received. It was discussed to propagate the essay competition further. The topic was approved by the general body.

2020/AGM/15 Subject of HS Bhat Symposium

Dr Rajeev TP informed the general body that the EC had finalized the topic of HS Bhat Symposium 2022 as “Genitourinary Malignancies” and the convener as Dr Ginil Kumar. He then sought the approval of the general body for the same. The General Body approved both the topic and the convener.

2020/AGM/16Awards for the year 2021

Dr Rajeev TP informed the general body regarding the awards which were finalized by the council for the year.

Urology Gold Medal: Dr Madhu S Agrawal, Agra

Presidents Gold Medal: Dr Ravindra B Sabnis

Himadri Sarkar Oration: Dr Madhu S Agrawal, Agra

MIUC International Fellowship: Dr Rishi Nayyar, New Delhi

USI Teacher Travelling Fellowship: Dr K V Sanjeevan, Ernakulam

USI Member Travelling Fellowship: Dr Zeeshan BM, Manipal

R Sitharaman Memorial Essay Competition: Dr Utsav Shah, Chennai

2020/AGM/17 Constitution amendments and proposal for updating of constitution and guidelines

Dr Madhu Agrawal explained in detail regarding the updates and technical reasons to pass the constitution again due to the binding to get it recorded in the Charity Commissioner office. He informed that the constitution had already been circulated in the 2 newsletters and through mass mail. The new ISU ( upgraded BOE) guidelines, IJU guidelines and guidelines to organizing USI events and conferences have also been circulated accordingly. Members discussed over the same and approved. At this stage, Dr PP Rao reiterated that he had brought the issue in earlier GBMs also as to why the current Chairman of ISU should have a term of 5 years, whereas there is no other post of the Society which has the term for such a long period of time. Dr Madhu Agrawal expressed that the AGM of Mumbai had taken the decision and passed the same and hence the decision needs to be followed now. The guidelines which are prepared now have the period of the next ISU Chairman as three years with one year as the Chairman Elect and two years as the Chairman and the selections would be based on the nominations received with a selection process. Proposed by Dr Ajit Vaze and seconded by Dr D Ramesh.

Dr Madhu Agrawal then informed the general body regarding the Constitutional Amendments proposed this year. He informed the general body regarding the proposal for one man one post in the Society. He informed that the same was proposed by Dr Lalit Shah regarding the matter that if a member holds a post on zonal council he or she cannot hold a position in national council or vice versa. The amendment was that: A member shall hold only one post at a time at National / Zonal level. This principle will be applicable at the time of taking charge of a given post or office ( Explanation : An officer in the Zonal or National council completing his or her tenure in a particular month of a calendar year is eligible to contest and get elected to another post provided he or she completes the full duration of the tenure in the earlier held post or office at the time of taking charge of the post or office to which he or she is elected ). Dr Madhu Agrawal expressed that this was actually not a constitutional amendment and only a clarification to the point which is already there in the constitution. The second constitutional amendment was proposed by Dr Kamjeet Singh regarding following: He had expressed that any member who is found to have done wrong should be barred for holding or contesting any post in USI or any zone for a period of 10 years. All such member (s) should not be allowed to participate in any USI activity in any form and should be barred to be labelled as Faculty for rest of their life. He had further proposed that the Association which has taken the conference should be barred for holding any Urology activity under USI for the next 5 years. Dr Madhu Agrawal expressed that as the proposal was not in the format that is required for the purpose of constitutional  mendment the same cannot be taken up. He also clarified that from now onwards the USI would be directly conducting the conferences and hence this would not be required now.

2020/AGM/18 USI Central office – new HQ & future role of USI in organizing USICONs

Dr Madhu Agrawal informed that the council had decided to relocate the central office to a better location and the option was to lease a space of 2000 sq feet and the HQ committee will be updating soon.

2020/AGM/19 Report on USICON 2019 Bhubaneswar

Dr Datteswar Hota presented his report on USICON 2019 Bhubaneswar. He informed that he hoped that the conference was up to the expectation of the members. He showed the glimpses of the various events of the conference. He presented the total attendees along with the detailed financial reports of the USICON 2019 conference. Dr Rajeev TP informed that USICON 2019 has submitted a surplus of over 1 crore 11 lakhs. Members were very appreciative of the same and passed the same unanimously. Proposed by Dr S K Singh seconded by Dr P B Singh.

2020/AGM/20 Report of USICON 2020 Kochi

Dr Vinod KV presented the report for the ongoing Kochi conference. He hoped that all the members were enjoying the conference. Dr Rajeev TP mentioned that the budget of the conference was around 6.5 crores. He further informed that all the promised sponsorships have been received and the organizers expect to submit the audited statement by 29th February 2020. Members were very appreciative of the conference and also of Dr Rajeev TP for doing a great effort along with Dr Vinod KV and the organizing team. 

2020/AGM/21 Report of USICON 2021 Ahmedabad

Dr Kandarp Parikh presented the report of the preparations of the Ahmedabad conference. He welcomed all the members to Ahmedabad conference and to register in large numbers. He detailed about the panel of organizing team and informed that everyone is keenly involved in making the conference very successful. He mentioned that 2004 was hosted by Dr Janak Desai. He detailed about the venue of the conference – Club O Seven and gave a walkthrough tour. He assured that the hospitality will be great matching the best of all times. Already 130 rooms at the venue have been blocked and around 1000 rooms are available in the vicinity of 5 kms. This conference would be organized by the USI for the major things. The registration fee has been capped at 5800 + tax which is the lowest in the last 10 years for early bird registration. Already 700 registrations have been received. He further expressed that the Past President’s registrations would be complimentary along with their spouse. Members were very appreciative of the same and congratulated Dr Kandarp for a fabulous beginning. Dr Kandarp mentioned that alcohol was not guaranteed due to restrictions in Gujarat. Dr Rajeev T P mentioned that a central core committee has been formed to take care of the conference. Dr Shailesh Shah welcomed the members and requested them to participate in large numbers.

2020/AGM/22 USICON 2022 discussion

Dr Madhu Agrawal informed that in the last conference North Zone had proposed Chandigarh as 2022 venue and the General Body had approved the same. Dr S K Singh and Dr Sudheer Dewana presented the details of the venue for USICON 2022. Dr Sudheer presented the venue and the hotels in the vicinity of the venue. He presented the halls and the associated structures at the venue. Dr Madhu Agrawal informed that the inspection team which went to Chandigarh had some observations regarding the venue. Dr S K Singh mentioned that it’s now 8 months since the inspection and a lot of developments have taken place. Dr S K Singh mentioned that the council had advised to choose one venue out of the 5-6 venues shown to the committee. Dr Laxman Prabhu detailed the inspection committee observations. On visiting the venue there was one large hall to seat 1000-1200 and other halls were in construction. Other places were also visited but were not found to be suitable. Dr Lalit Shah mentioned that he had visited in December and instead of rejecting outright it should be revisited again. Members were of the view that the expectations of the delegates are very high now and all the aspects should be taken into consideration. Dr N P Gupta mentioned that the most important aspect is the scientific program and soundproof halls. He asked the President Elect and Secretary to visit again and decide on the matter. Dr Rajeev TP mentioned that registrations have to be started in 2021 Ahmedabad and there is very little time to decide on the same. Members deliberated on the same. Dr Kim Mammen, Dr SP Yadav, Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr P B Singh Dr Anil Elhence and Dr Kamaljit Singh also presented their views.

The General Body unanimously decided that President Elect and Secretary can revisit again and reinspect on the basis of the USI guidelines for holding conferences before the next EC meeting and the EC will finally decide on the final venue. Dr Madhu Agrawal informed that the council must be given options in case Chandigarh doesn’t suit as venue after inspection. The General Body deliberated over the matter. Members expressed their views over the issue. It was finally resolved that President Elect and Secretary will revisit Chandigarh again and reinspect on the basis of the USI guidelines for holding conferences. If Chandigarh does not fulfil the requisites, the next venue proposed by North Zone will be considered. Proposed by Dr Rajendra Yadav seconded by Dr Anil Elhence.

2020/AGM/23 Letters from the members

All the letters were withdrawn. Hence there were no letters for discussion.

2020/AGM/24 Any other matters

Dr Rajeev TP informed that there will be no named orations from 2021 as no one has applied for any named oration till the st prescribed date 31 October 2019. There was a proposal from Dr Shirish Yande. He informed that he wanted to organize an event under BOE. BOE put a lot of restrictions on the organization based on the guidelines. Dr Rajeev TP mentioned the new guidelines have been approved by the General Body and members have to abide by the same. Dr Rajendra Yadav expressed that he has decided to forgo the subsidy given to senior members regarding the registration for the annual conferences.

2020/AGM/25 Election Results

Dr Anant Kumar declared the results for USI Elections conducted. He informed that the elected council member from North Zone was Dr M S Ansari. He further informed that Dr Keshavamurthy has been elected as the Secretary Elect and Dr C Mallikarjuna as President Elect. The unanimously elected members were Dr Harprit Singh as Council member from EastZone, Dr P P Rao from West Zone and Dr Anil Varshney as Treasurer Elect. The General Body congratulated the newly elected members. Dr Madhu Agrawal acknowledged the services of the outgoing members Dr Ajit Vaze, Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Vinay Tomar, Dr Kandarp Parikh and Dr Ranjan Kumar Dey. He also thanked all the members for their patience, attention and participation during this successful marathon meeting which had been a witness to so many successful decisions.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Long live USI !!

AGM 2020
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