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Welcome to the Basic Sciences subsection of the Urological Society of India.

Research and Basic sciences are critical to practice of any branch of scientific/evidence-based medicine and surgery, urology being no exception. This research and basic sciences cell is created to promote the spirit of scientific enquiry through high quality ethical research and updating of basic sciences among the members of our society by serving as a bridge between dedicated researchers as well as basic science experts and the practitioners of the specialty of Urology. 

A bidirectional approach to learning to learning is most desirable in this regard. What is developed on the benches of the laboratories should be applicable at the bedside of the patients and what is observed at the bedside should kindle further bench work.

Adequate knowledge of research principles and bio-statistical methods is essential to all, regardless of whether one is in practice or engaged by an academic set up and will also be pivotal to provide evidence based patient care. 

In depth understanding of basic sciences together with evidence generated through quality research paves the path for safe and effective clinical urology. In addition, the cell shall strive to kindle the innovative spark among the members which lead to technological advances.

Members of Basic Sciences Subsection

The Basic Sciences subsection like other sections of the USI has one convener and four members that lead the Basic Sciences Subsection

Dr Laxman Prabhu is the convenor of the Basic Sciences Subsection along with four expert members:

Dr Rahul Yadav-Lucknow
Dr Karthikeyan Naganathan-Trichy
Dr Abhishek Singh-Nadiad
Dr Sandeep Gupta-Kolkat

Mission Statement

Towards Deeper Understanding of Basic Sciences and Promotion of High-Quality Research


1. The aim of the cell is to facilitate research projects; the researchers will be able to come up to the committee and it will help them develop the plan of action.

2. This cell shall act as a facilitator for multi-institutional collaboration, a platform where institutes can come together and address a common research question.

3. The cell will promote basic research and biostatistics courses for the postgraduates and interested urologists to enable them to practice in accordance with evidence-based principles.

4. Basic sciences are deeply interlinked to research and would be promoted by this cell in the USI meetings. 

5. The cell intends to have a biannual meeting, one at the USICON and another midterm meeting dedicated to research and basic sciences. 

6. The cell shall strive to develop training modules in molecular biology for the aspirants by collaborating with international basic science laboratories, where our urologists can train to gain insight into molecular basis of disease and treatment.

7. This cell shall also strive to bring the latest in the field of research and basic sciences in form of newsletters and journal articles. 

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