Bladder Pain Syndrome

28th November 2020, 1800-2100 Hrs

Topics to be covered

The Enigma of Nomenclature – The pathogenic pathways – Bladder and beyond – Hunner’s lesion – The journey of a century – The Biomarkers – Clinical application – Expert comments : Cystoscopy in BPS – The controversies – Ablation of Hunner’s lesions –current recommendations – Intravesical treatments – The status of newer agents – Algorithm of management


Dr Rajeev T P, Hon Secretary, USIDr Anant Kumar, President, USIDr Rajeev Sood, Cairman, ISU Dr Rajesh Taneja, Convenor Session I 1810 – 1910 hrs ( 12 mins each )Dr Phil Hanno ( USA ) Dr Uttam Mete Dr Dick Janssen (Netherlands)Dr Amit Agarwal Dr N P Gupta, Dr Atul M Shah, Dr C S Ratkal ( 10 mins )Session II 1910 – 2010 hrs ( 12 mins each ) Dr Apul GoelDr Rajesh Taneja Dr Mauro CervigniDr Shivam Priyadarshi Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Shailesh Shah, Dr Vidur Bhalla ( 10 mins ) Session III 2010 – 2055 hrs Dr Sanjay PandeyDr Sandor Lovasz, Dr Anita Patel, Dr Sanjay Sinha, Dr Nagendra Mishra, Dr Amita Jain, Dr Navita Purohit Dr Rajesh Taneja, Convener ( 3 mins )Dr Rajeev T P, Hon Secretary, USI

Bladder Pain Syndrome
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