Bladder Pain Syndrome

28th November 2020, 1800-2100 Hrs Topics to be covered The Enigma of Nomenclature – The pathogenic pathways – Bladder and beyond – Hunner’s lesion – The journey of a century – The Biomarkers – Clinical application – Expert comments : Cystoscopy in BPS – The controversies – Ablation of Hunner’s lesions –current recommendations – Intravesical […]

Global Pediatric Urology “Point of Technique” Webinar

8th November 2020To join the webinar please register at: Programme Details :  Opening remarks & Introduction (6:00 to 6: 10 PM) Inaugural session : 10 mins Opening remark by USI secretary Dr. Rajeev T P : 2mins Address by USI president Dr. Anant Kumar :  2 mins Address by ISU president Dr. Rajeev Sood   :  2 mins Address by […]

Diagnostic modalities in Ca Prostate: Do we have too many or too less?

13th September, 2020 1000 – 1300 hrs Prostate carcinoma continues to be an enigma for uro-oncologists the world over. With the varied presentations and the myriad of diagnostic modalities available, and an ever increasing molecular and genomic markers, we need to revisit the appropriate diagnostic workup. How do the genomic biomarkers add to the management […]

Semilive Urological Robotic Surgery Webinar

28th July 2020 – 1730 to 2030 Hrs Robotic-assisted surgeries are increasing rapidly and urology is the frontline branch using da vinci platform. Though use of da vinci platform was started in year 1999-2000 for radical prostatectomy, it is now used for several urological cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery and more recently, for kidney transplantation. This […]

Andrology Webinar USI-ISU

This webinar focusses on the relevant practical issues in Andrology and discusses the evidence-based approach to the problems in the Indian setting. The eminent faculty will participate in the interactive discussion on the topics. The webinar is divided into two major subdivisions – Male Infertility & Erectile Dysfunction Learning Objectives Early detection & Interventions in […]

Endourological Management of Stone Disease: Current Controversies Webinar

Endourological Management of Stone Disease : “Current Controversies” USI -ISU Webinar : July 21st, 2020 Introduction : Stone disease comprises the most common and the bulk of a Urologists practice volume. Endourology is the so called bread and butter for the genitourinary surgeon. The recent advancements in the development of endoscopes (especially flexible ureteroscope ), […]

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