Functional Urology

Bladder Pain Syndrome

28th November 2020, 1800-2100 Hrs Topics to be covered The Enigma of Nomenclature – The pathogenic pathways – Bladder and beyond – Hunner’s lesion – The journey of a century – The Biomarkers – Clinical application – Expert comments : Cystoscopy in BPS – The controversies – Ablation of Hunner’s lesions –current recommendations – Intravesical […]

Neurovesical Dysfunction Webinar

The USI ISU Session on Neurogenic Bladder is a 150min program aimed at discussing the salient aspects of evaluation and management of two of the major classes of patients: those with spinal disease-injury and those with suprapontine lesions. The discussions are chiefly case-based and issue-based. There is a special session on salvage techniques including indwelling […]

Non-Neurogenic Urinary Incontinence Guidelines

These guidelines have been drafted by the USI Urinary Incontinence Guidelines Panel and address “Nonneurogenic urinary incontinence in adults”. The guidelines are targeted at urologists and the recommendations are updated till October 2018. These will remain valid until the next update or for a maximum period of five years. The guidelines should not be regarded […]

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