Diagnostic modalities in Ca Prostate: Do we have too many or too less?

13th September, 2020 1000 – 1300 hrs

Prostate carcinoma continues to be an enigma for uro-oncologists the world over. With the varied presentations and the myriad of diagnostic modalities available, and an ever increasing molecular and genomic markers, we need to revisit the appropriate diagnostic workup. How do the genomic biomarkers add to the management of prostate cancer, whether a multi parametric MRI is needed for all patients or a simple MRI would suffice? Should we go in for a whole body PSMA PET scan or should we follow the west and stick to bone scans? When should we get a computed tomography scan done? Where have we reached in the field of radiomics and genomics of prostate cancer? Answer to all these questions and many more, with discussions with experts, their opinions and practices would be available in a webinar dedicated exclusively to the diagnostic modalities of carcinoma prostate. Also join us for the “Star Talk” of the day, to be delivered by Dr. Ash Tewari, from Mount Sinai, New York where he will talk about combining imaging and bio markers to better understand prostate cancer. So join us this coming Sunday morning for an academic feast which promises to decipher the enigma that prostate cancer is.

Tushar Aditya Narain, Convenor

Diagnostic modalities in Ca Prostate: Do we have too many or too less?
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