USI Fellowship Announcement

From the desk of USI President:
There is lack of uniformity in the curriculum of different training institutions in our country. I have been feeling very strongly about the need for re-training of our young urologists in
different sub-specialties, to which, they did not have enough exposure.
It gives me great pleasure to announce the commencement of numerous new fellowships in Urological sub-specialty starting from this year. This is a unique initiative by the Urological
society of India to provide opportunities to USI members to get advance training in different sub-specialty of Urology from various centers of excellence. This will help them in improving and upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Eligibility requirements:
The candidates who want to avail these fellowships must fulfil the following criteria:Candidate must a full-time member of USI or a trainee USI member with the eligibility to be a full member.

  • Candidate must have a degree of M.Ch. / D.N.B. in Urology from a recognized institution in the country.
  • No age limit for the candidate.

Selection process:
After receiving the applications, the members of board of education USI, the past president and the honorary secretary will select the candidates based on merit and inform them. The decision of granting the fellowship will solely rest with the USI.

Fellowship details, number and period:
There are three types of fellowships on offer.

A. Short-term observer-ship: The total duration of this observer-ship will be from one to four weeks. It will not have any specific curriculum as it will be a need-based training in a particular procedure like PCNL, RIRS, robotic radical prostatectomy etc. The observer-ship will be designed and tailored according to the candidates specific choices. Candidate will maintain a log book to be signed by the trainer/teacher/HOD. There will be no financial help from USI but individual institution may/may not provide for stipend.

B. Short-term fellowship: This short fellowship will be of one to three months duration. The training curriculum will be designed by USI and the institution. The fellow will get hands on training as a first assistant and he/she may also perform few procedures under the guidance of the teacher or trainer. A log book is to be maintained by the candidate and to be signed by the teacher/HOD. Candidate should also participate in OPD, follow up, perioperative care and ward rounds as per the protocols of the institution. There will be Financial assistance by the USI for this fellowship.

C. Long term fellowship: The total duration of this fellowship will be from 6 months to one year. A detailed curriculum will be drawn out for it by the USI and institution. The candidate will be employed temporarily by the institution/Hospital and he/she will work as a full-time fellow. The candidate will be required to do OPD, ward rounds, night duty, pre and post-operative care, participate in academic programs, teachings and rounds of the institution as per the protocol. He/she would get hand on training as a first assistant and should also perform procedures under direct supervision of the teacher. The candidate is required to maintain a log book, to be signed by the teacher/HOD, and Should also be involved in clinical audit, research and publication. Financial help will be provided by the Institution/Hospital and USI.

For all the above fellowships, the travel to these institutions are to be born by the candidates. If the institution has the facility for accommodation and it is willing to provide to the candidates, it will be offered to them, otherwise the candidates will have to arrange for the accommodation on their own. No extra grant will be provided for accommodation. The stipend offered to the candidates from the institutions may vary and it will be according to the institutional protocol.

The total number of fellowships:

A. Short term observer-ship – No limits on the number of this fellowship. The numbers will be decided based on availability at the institution.
B. Short term fellowship – Total five in number, to be offered twice in a year.
C. Long term fellowship – Total five in number and to be offered twice in a year.

Time of application:

The candidates can apply twice in a year between January 1st to 15th and July 1st to 15th. They will be informed about the status of their application within 30 days of receiving the application.

Sub-specialties on offer:

The fellowships are to be offered to all the candidate in the following sub-specialties

  • Endourology- Laser prostatectomy, PCNL. RIRS
  • Reconstructive urology- Stricture urethra, GU fistulae/ureteric and bladder reconstruction
  • Female urology
  • Andrology/ infertility/sexual dysfunction
  • Uro-Oncology
  • Minimally Invasive Urology—Laparoscopy/Robotic
  • Kidney Transplant/Vascular access
  • Paediatric Urology

Institutions where fellowships are offered:

All the different fellowships will be offered from the list of institutions mentioned below

  • Max Superspeciality hospital, Saket Delhi
  • IKDRC – ITS Ahmedabad
  • MGM Medical college & Hospital AURANGABAD
  • Yenepoya Medical College Hospital Mangaluru, Karnataka
  • Fusion Kidney Institute Ahmedabad
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre Delhi
  • Jaslok Hospital Mumbai
  • NU Hospitals (West) Bangalore
  • B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital Rajkot
  • Aykai Hospial Ludhiana
  • Global Rainbow Healthcare Agra
  • Basarge Urology Hospital Kohlapur
  • UROCARE Indore
  • Asian institute of Nephrology and Urologynaecology Hyderabad
  • Tejnaksh Hospital’s Institute of Urology, Dhule
  • Institute of LASER urological Surgery, Faridabad
  • Anantaram Memorial Cuttack Nursing Home, Cuttack
  • Velammal Medical College and Research Institute, Madurai
  • R G Stone Hospital New Delhi
  • Preeti Urology & Kidney Hospital Hyderabad


The certificate of completion of the fellowship will be issued by the USI. The candidates will be facilitated at the annual meeting of USI and the certificates will be handed over to them.

Grievances and dispute redressal:

Any grievances, complaints or disputes will be resolved by USI. The decision will be taken by the board of education USI in consultation with the institutions. The decision of the USI educational board will be final.

Feedback and review of program:

Honest feedback is desired from the candidate and the institutions at the end of the fellowship to improve the fellowship program. Each candidate will have to submit the feedback about the experience of the fellowship to the office of USI at the end of the term.

Apply as an Institute to start the USI Fellowship program

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USI Fellowship Announcement
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