Fellowships post MCH and DNB webinar

Fellowships post MCH and DNB: Options and Prospects webinar held on 30 th June’2020 : 1700 – 2030 hrs

The webinar on Fellowships post MCH and DNB: Options and Prospects was highly anticipated, as even before the webinar there were many telephonic enquires for the same. The program spanned over 3 and a half hours. In this webinar: 23 faculty and 4 experts participated. 

The webinar was attended by 350 attendees live and till date 1700 people have watched it. The webinar covered all the aspects of the fellowship training post MCH/DNB urology. The whole program was divided into three sections , 1st how to get fellowships in different countries or different centers in India , 2nd section was dedicated to subspecialty fellowships and the third one to Job prospects post fellowships.

Highlights of the program included 

  1. A start talk by Dr. Mark Gonzalgo, gave all the viewers an idea as to how can they can apply for the fellowships in USA and what are the credentials a program director is looking for. 
  2. An interesting debate between fellowship and Assistant professor post was impressively argued for by Dr. Santosh and Dr. Girdhar. Both of them brought out the moot points  in favor of their topic. The debate was very well received.
  3. The last section of dealt with the “ Hard Talk with Program directors” eminent program directors: Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni, Dr. Ravindra Sabnis , Dr. Ginil Kumar and Dr. Gagan Gautam  participated in this panel discussion. Relevant points from the trainees point of view were highlighted in the session. Emphasis was laid on a early start and preparation right from the first year of residency. Issues like hands on training and Job prospects were also discusses.

After the program , as per personal communication from the prospective fellows the program was extremely helpful and would go a long way in shaping their careers. 

One challenge we faced was keeping to time. We finished at 9.15 pm which was 45 minutes past the allotted time and my sincere apologies for the same. The logistic support from USI office was extremely helpful. Looking forward to many more such opportunities.

Fellowships post MCH and DNB webinar
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