Formation of Youth of USI Section

formation of the Youth of USI

On November 29th, 2019, the first meeting to discuss the formation of the youth wing of USI was conducted under the guidance of then USI President Dr.Madhusudan Agrawal and USI Secretary Dr.Rajeev T.P at New Delhi. Many young dynamic urologists from all the four zones discussed with USI President & Secretary regarding the widespread demand for an exclusive wing of USI for urology residents and young inexperienced urologists to enhance their training and career building.

The prospects of joint collaboration with other similar international groups to promote research and enhance training opportunities for the budding urologists were analyzed. Tasks were allotted to all the participating members to bring in more active involvement in USI activities by the young fraternity. Upgradation of the USI website was discussed. The need for active involvement by USI in social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin was discussed. As from small beginnings come great things, the decision to allow one exclusive session for budding urologists in the  USICON 2020 was suggested by the USI Secretary and agreed by USI President. After a brainstorming discussion for more than two hours, the inexperienced but energetic urologists were assigned individual tasks by the more enthusiastic and experienced dignitaries to enhance the role of USI  in improving urology training and career-building of every upcoming urologist in the country.

Formation of Youth of USI Section
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