Grafts and Flaps in Urology Webinar

Graft and Flaps in Urology Webinar
Graft and Flaps in Urology Webinar

6th September, 1000-1315 Hrs

Reconstructive urology is one of the challenging subspecialties. It is a combination of knowledge of anatomy & physiology of healing along with ingenuity & art. Reconstruction indeed is all about grafts and flaps; which are really the nuts and bolts of reconstructive urology. When naturally similar tissues cannot be brought together due to the damage as a result of trauma, disease, or congenital cause the grafts and flaps are indispensable.
This symposium brings you the wholesome package beginning with the basics of grafts and flaps and their healing. It takes you through common and uncommon grafts and flaps in Urology. Very importantly it also refers to the etio-pathogenesis of failure and measures to prevent and also to treat them. A new frontier in grafts-Tissue Engineering brings a cutting-edge knowledge of modern times.
A section is devoted to specific and broad areas such as female urethral reconstruction pediatric and hypospadias and upper tract. A comparative analysis is then being done between grafts and flaps with respect to their application.
The webinar has a very interesting set of challenging cases during the illustrative case discussion section. A full hour is specifically dedicated to this sought-after section. We are trying to accommodate as many cases as possible. The presenters will challenge the expert panelists.
Your active participation with questions and comments in “CHAT” are very welcome.
We look forward to interacting with you on Sunday 6th September 2020 from 10 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
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Grafts and Flaps in Urology Webinar
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