Guidelines for Organizing Conferences

These guidelines were enabled for action after the Coimbatore Mid Term EC Meeting on 17th July 2019

Urological Society of India: Broad guidelines for USI’s involvement in various categories of scientific events.

Introduction: One of the key objectives of the Urological Society of India (USI) is to promote highest standards in Urologicalacademics, practice and research for the benefit of its members. This makes it necessary for the society (Urological Society of India) to not only organize events which help meet this object but also to support and associate with any institution, scientific association or research organization which is engaged in high quality work- both urological as well as allied, in India and abroad.

Need for Guidelines

The USI over the years has grown beyond its annual meeting namely the USICON. The inception of zonal bodies namely the North, South, East and West and their aligning with the society has imparted a federal structure to the latter making the society’s participation in the annual meeting of the zonal bodies. Within the zones, there are several state units which though independent are active throughout the year. These units, though lacking in uniform nomenclature (Example: Karnataka Urological Association and not Karnataka State Chapter of USI) are meaningfully synchronizing with the zonal bodies. Finally, there are innumerable city chapters named differently within the states. In addition, there are several departments imparting MCh/DNB urology training throughout the country. Subspecialties are forming their own associations.

The USI in the recent years has actively participated in meetings of several overseas bodies. All these associations have goals which are in sync with goals of the USI. Hence partnering and networking is crucial for the growth and sustenance of the society.

Categories of events:

The various categories of scientific events in which USI can get involved are enumerated as follows:

A) Events Wholly organized by the USI

B) Events Sponsored by the USI

C) Events under the aegis/auspices of USI

D) USI as a knowledge partner

E) USI is an invitee

The various events mentioned above are not a complete list but it suffices to understand that the society’s involvement in the above in any whichever manner is not without organizational responsibilities; legal obligations and financial liabilities. In short, the law of the land comes to bear itself on all these activities. A clearly defined approach to each one of these, is therefore is essential to say the least. The executive council (EC) of the USI is therefore bound not only by the constitution of USI but also the legal provisions of the various laws and Income tax act which are applicable when it clears the society’s involvement in the events it might choose to be a part of. The EC should, therefore, receive and deliberate upon the applications either by announcements giving deadlines or by nomination of a suitable body or group, enter into a memorandum of Understanding spelling out the organizational and financial obligations, monitor the event throughout by its observers and file a closure report.

A. Events wholly organized by the USI


In this category, the USI will be wholly responsible for the organizational and financial obligations that are part and parcel of the conduct of the event. The best example in this category will be the society’s annual USICONS .

Society may also examine the conduct of other events in this category. The secretary and the treasurer of the society will be working under the President and will direct, superintend, monitor, and document the entire proceedings.

Broad Guidelines:

A) There should be a core organizing committee comprising of President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and CEO Central Office, USI

B) The USI may choose to appoint a local organizing committee which shall comprise of full members of USI of good standing, constitution of which shall be approved by the general body (GB). The local organizer could be a department of Urology in a medical college, city chapter, state unit or the zonal body in whose city/state/ zone the event is taking place. The local organizer will be directly under the EC of the USI.

D) The local organizers will strictly adhere to the existing guidelines of organizing the entire event including the formal function of the event which with need based suitable modifications made from time to time in accordance with the byelaws of the society.

E) The receipts and payments, and all such other financial matters pertaining to the event shall be strictly under the supervision of the Hon Secretary and Treasurer of the society and done in the name of USI. The declared surpluses will be disbursed as per prevailing guidelines and appropriate modifications thereof made from time to time. The audited balance sheet shall be presented to the GB during the annual general meeting of the society ( AGM)

F) The entire event should be insured against natural calamities like fire, cyclone, floods and socio-political unrest leading to a situation when the event may have to be cancelled.

G) The USI shall reserve the right to postpone/cancel the event with valid reasons and justifications.

H) The USI shall also reserve the right to shift the venue as well as change the local organizer in appropriate situations which compel such a decision giving valid reasons and not arbitrarily.

I) The society’s logo shall appear in all material that is used to organize this event.

J) The delegate fee will be decided by the USI and none other than the society.
K) The copy right of all scientific material shall be with the USI.

L) Registration of the delegate should be done individually through the Central Office of USI.

K) The annual conference of USI (USICON) should be held only in a city having a convention centre with the following facilities:

i. The main hall (Hall A) should have 2000 plus capacity. Hall B and C should have 700 plus capacity

and Hall D, E, F, G should have 300-400 plus capacity. All halls should be in one convention centre.

No temporary structures permitted for conduct of the scientific program.

ii. Adequate wash rooms in the vicinity of the halls

iii. Adequate lift facilities, adequate space for dining which can cater more than 2500 delegates with free moving space

iv. Sufficient parking space for 500 plus vehicles. Adequate space to cater 75-80 trade stalls

*Detailed guidelines are available on the conduct of USICON and this document should be read with it which is available at the central office of the Urological society of India. There shall be no urological event of significance  one month before USICONs except commemorative functions which fall in this month.

B. Educational activities of USI

Scope: These are events of the educational arms of USI. Society will examine the conduct of the events in this category. The secretary is responsible for the supervision of these events and will direct, superintend, monitor, and document the entire proceedings.

Broad Guidelines

A) The object is to promote a focused area of education which impacts urological practice and training.

B) The responsibility of conduct of such events will be handed over to a suitable applicant who can produce proof of adequate infrastructure (minimum standards will be defined) for conduct of such an event. This should need the approval of the secretary and will be included in the calendar of events of the society. The applications for holding such an event should be received by the Central Office of USI latest by 31 July of the preceding year.

C) The organizer will have to raise finances. An account should be opened specifically for this event with the PAN No. of USI. All the accounts should be handed over to the USI within 60 days of the event. The surplus from such an event will be shared between the USI and the local organizing chapter in the ration 70:30.

D) The event will carry the name and logo of the USI along with the credentials of the organizer limited to the event and no glorifications whatsoever for which appropriate clearances will be taken from the secretary.

E) An appropriate delegate fee fixed by the USI shall be charged and all registrations should be through Central Office of USI.

F) In the event of cancellation of such event, the organizer is obliged to refund an amount of Rs 1 lakh for having used the USI Logo and other resources.

G) The scientific agenda for such an event will be prepared in consultation with the Secretary USI and should be fully endorsed by the Secretary.

H) It is recommended that the event should be insured against natural and other exigencies.

I) The decision to postpone or cancel the event is made jointly by the USI and the organizer, the details of which shall be predetermined and included in the information brochure along with refund rules.

*This document will read with USI guidelines for activities of the educational arms of the society.

C. Events under the aegis/auspices of the USI


The USI, in an effort to promote a lesser known or lesser influential body which has similar objectives as that of the society provides guidance and endorsement to such an event under this category.

Broad guidelines

A) The organizer will write to the secretary of USI seeking the tag of aegis/auspices of USI which will be discussed and decided upon by the EC before granting permission for the use of the tag in the conduct of the event.

B) The USI will permit use of its logo-with the inscription of “under the aegis or auspices of the USI”

C) USI will neither participate in raising finances for the event nor provide any financial assistance as sponsorship.

D) USI reserves the right to withdraw its name from the event giving valid reasons

E) USI shall not take any legal or financial liability of the event and this shall be explicitly documented in the Memorum of Understanding (MoU).

F) USI will expect concessional charges on the delegate fee and an opportunity of participation in the scientific deliberations by way of guest lectures/chairing and moderating sessions.

G) USI/its designated officers get recognition during the ceremonial part of such an event.

H) All organizational rights will be with the organizer.

I) USI will be available for consultations on various matters pertaining to the event

J) A financial contribution of Rs 2 lakhs for national conferences and Rs 5 lakhs for international events would be given to USI

D. USI as Knowledge partner


In events where USI has a collateral knowledge interest, there is scope for the society to further its member’s

interest by participation as a knowledge partner. This is true in the domain of subspecialties.

Broad guidelines

A) USI if invited by anybody which sees advantage in having the society as a knowledge partner in the event. In such a situation, the society may consider such an invitation.

B) USI will enter into a MoU and spell out its expectations from the body whose event USI joins as a knowledge partner.

C) There shall be no organizational and no financial obligations

D) The right of joining or not, as knowledge partner rests with the society

E) The secretary shall do all the correspondence with the body who has sought USI as knowledge partner.

F) USI will permit use of its name and logo at the event as a knowledge partner and it should not be smaller than that of the logo of the event and shall not be used in places which might bring disgrace to the society.

G) USI will communicate the event details to its members.

H) PAN card of USI will not be used in the financial transactions of the event.

I) USI will negotiate for its members discounted or special registration fees.

J) The President and Secretary will be invitees at this event

K) USI will ensure adequate and appropriate participation of its members in various scientific deliberations.

L) A financial contribution of Rs 2 lakhs for national conferences and Rs 5 lakhs for international events would be given to USI.

Guidelines for Organizing Conferences
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