Guidelines for USI Affiliate Bodies

Remarkable growth in the number of qualified Urologists in the India over the last two decades has prompted commissioning of number of associations, societies and forums at city and state levels in the country. Some of these have existed for over two-three decades doing excellent work. Currently, there are four zonal bodies which are officially affiliated to the Urological society of India (USI) and the USI council has included the serving Presidents of the four zonal bodies-namely North Zone USI, West Zone USI, East Zone USI and the Association of Southern Urologists, as members. The zonal bodies in turn have co-opted the Presidents of various states in its territory as ex-officio members in their respective executive councils. However, there are several states and innumerable cities/towns which have qualified urological practitioners without its local professional body. The USI has long felt the supportive role it can play in commissioning of such bodies at the city/state levels which can function as affiliate organizations.

Existing bodies:

USI clarifies unequivocally that it has no intention of interfering with the nomenclature, constitution and administration of all the existing bodies and these shall function as before. 


The basic purpose of chartering city level and state level chapters is to foster unity and promote fraternal connect across the nation.

A federal organization of various units of USI at different levels will promote uniformity in purpose and functioning of the fraternity.

Further, the official chartering of chapters of USI at different levels will confer upon the latter, stature and standing. 

The advisory role played by the USI without compromising on the autonomy of these chapters will promote growth and development of the individual units.

Also, the chapters will enjoy inclusiveness by virtue of being official organizations of one parent body 

Broad guidelines for starting affiliate bodies:

  1. There are four Zonal chapters functioning as affiliate bodies of the USI ( The South Zone has retained its title as Association of Southern Urologists as it was registered prior to conceptualization of zonal chapters)
  1. Within the zone whose territories have been recognized by the USI, qualified Urologists may consider applying for charter of City as well as state chapters
  1. A minimum of 25 qualified Urologists (MCh or DNB or an equivalent recognized in the constitution of USI) may send a proposal for chartering of a state chapter and a minimum of 10 qualified Urologists may send a proposal to charter a city chapter. This may be modified in a need based manner ( requirements of Societies act ) 
  1. The members keen on starting a chapter shall meet formally before applying to the USI to pass a resolution* which shall express the intent of the members to start a professional body affiliate to the USI and then shall apply** for a charter. 
  1. Every newly commissioned chapter of will be given a charter by the USI after scrutiny of the application by the USI council.
  1. Each of these chapters will have its own constitution and bylaws modeled on the draft provided ( vide infra ) 
  1. Each of these chapters will be aligned in a federal relationship with the parent body i.e. the USI.
  1. Each of the chapters will have its autonomy and shall function within the framework of its adopted constitution.
  1. Each of the chapters will communicate with the USI about its activities and progress. The parent body will assist the chapters on issues like academics, member development and collaborative programs. The USI will not interfere with administration of the chapter. USI may play an advisory role if the chapter wishes to seek any specific inputs.
  1. Each of these chapters shall be registered with the registrar of societies in its own geographic location.
  1. Each of the chapters will be entitled to the various privileges that USI might consider to extend from time to time which includes matching ( USI will match the funds generated by the chapter) or full  grants for specific  activities.
  1. Each of the chapters will manage its finances independently as per the laws of the land. USI shall not interfere in the financial administration of the chapters.USI shall neither absorb nor assist defray any losses incurred by the chapters.
  1. Each of the chapters shall have a logo which shall be designed by the USI with space for title of the city/state chapter. The USI will guide the chapter on the design of the logo to ensure uniformity.
  1. USI reserves the right to withdraw the charter granted if the chapter fails to live up to the stated goals and objectives.

Draft Resolution

We the urologists of city of … state of …. Have resolved on …day of …. Two thousand twenty…that we shall apply for a charter to the Urological society of India to found the city( name of the city)/state( name of the state) chapter of Urological society of India.


  1. Dr……..
  2. Dr……..
  3. Dr………

Draft of Application


The Secretary,



We are pleased to apply for the charter to found the city chapter of ….. ( USI ) and state that we shall conform to the guidelines provided by the USI for the same.

We have enclosed the resolution passed to that effect on …..

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Secretary Elect# 

# Secretary Elect will take charge as the charter Secretary upon receipt of the charter from the USI

Model Constitution

  1. TITLE
    The name of the society shall be “The City/State Chapter of Urological Society of India “hereafter referred to as “The chapter”.
  2. REGISTERED OFFICE The office of the chapter shall be determined from time to time by the Governing body of the Forum. 

a. To associate together in one body all scientific personnel actively interested in practice of Urology in and around the city of ….. or within the state of ….. And function as an affiliate body with full autonomy of the Urological society of India

b. To promote best and current practices in the field of Urology in and around the city of ….or Sate of…….

c. To support and associate with academic activities of postgraduate students undergoing training in Urology (MCh and DNB courses /equivalent programs introduced by the Government, approved by the regulatory bodies from time to time) operational in the recognized institutions in and around the city of ….. or state of……………. 

d. To promote scientific research in Urology and allied disciplines for the purpose of improving the practice of Urology by i) establishing an ethics committee in accordance with accepted  legal norms, ii. Providing financial assistance and  iii. Providing external auditing services  

e. To promote, establish or support any institution, scientific association or research organization which is directed towards raising the standards of Urological practice or teaching or research in Urology in the country. 

 f. To promote publication of scientific literature pertaining to Urological practice or research. 

g. To endeavor to establish and maintain liaison with other associations or organized bodies, in India or abroad whose objects are keeping with those of the forum

h. To invite and organize conferences of scientific bodies of Urologists at state, zone and national levels 

i. To officially network its members on Whatsapp, Facebook and such other convenient networking means for furtherance of the objects of the chapter. To publish bulletin of the forum either in printed or electronic format for disseminating scientific information as well as to keep the members informed about the proceedings of the forum.

k. To carry out any other activities which are identical or conducive to the furtherance of the objects of the chapter.

l. The activities of the chapter would be purely charitable in nature and not motivated for profit. 


 There shall be following category of members. 

Full Members 

 Full members shall be qualified Urologists engaged in active practice of urology in and around the city of ….. or state of …….

Student members: 

Student members shall be Urology post graduates undergoing training at recognized institution in and around the city of …… or state of……. These memberships are for three years i.e., the training period and are given the option to apply for full membership on completion of their course upon producing the degree certificate in Urology.

Honorary members:

Honorary members shall be those who are not qualified urologists but have made significant contribution to the field of urology or its allied branches. These are elected and approved by the general body of the forum. Their total number shall not exceed 5 % of the total membership strength at any time.  


Only full members have the right to vote. Only full members shall become office bearers of the chapter. All classes of members shall have the right to attend any scientific proceedings of the chapter.


a. Any member may resign from his membership at any time by serving a notice in writing to the Secretary. Such resignation shall not relieve the member from the responsibility to pay any dues to the forum prior to ceasing to be a member. 

b. The governing body shall have the right to terminate the membership or alter the class of any individual member even after election, if it is subsequently found that material facts supplied in the application were incorrect.

 c. The governing body shall have the powers to terminate the membership of any member


  1. Who have been found guilty of unprofessional behavior or of working against the interest of the forum provided that members concerned is offered full opportunity to present his case to the governing body and provided that in case of termination of membership, the latter is confirmed at the Annual General Body Meeting by two third majority of members present. 
  2. Who have defaulted in paying the forum dues for over a period


The subscription shall be as follows: Full Members (Life Subscription) Rs…… Student Members (for three years) Rs. …… Honorary members -free


The Financial year of the Association shall be from 1st April to 31st March. 


 The Bank Account shall be operated by the Treasurer in the name of the forum. All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and Secretary/President of the forum.


Officers of the Association shall be the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected at Annual General Body Meeting from the list of suggested nominations submitted to the returning officer appointed by the governing body.


The President will hold the Office for one year. The President shall hold Office from the day following the termination of Annual General Body Meeting at which he is installed to the termination of the next Annual General Body Meeting. 


Secretary shall be elected for a period of two years. He will hold the Office from the day following termination of Annual General Body Meeting at which he is elected to the termination of the Second Annual meeting. 


Treasurer shall be elected for a period of two years. He will hold the Office from the day following termination of Annual General Body Meeting at which he is elected to the termination of the second annual meeting. 

The past officers shall be eligible for re-election for the same post depending on the need of the chapter at any point. 


a. President shall preside over all the meetings of the chapter. 

b. The Secretary shall look after the day to day affairs of the chapter under the directions of the governing body. The secretary shall be responsible i.  For summoning all meetings of thechapter  ii. For preparing the agendas and keeping minutes of the proceedings  iii. For all files, documents, books and other papers of the chapter.  iv. For maintaining a register of members. v. For formulating the annual report to be presented to the forum and Annual General Body Meeting. 

d. The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving all subscriptions and other dues from the members, for paying all bills and for preparing an audited statement of accounts and Balance Sheet annually to the Council and General Body Meeting. The treasurer shall keep true and accurate records of all financial transactions of the chapter. On request from the Secretary the treasurer shall pay authorized bills of the chapter. The treasurer shall be responsible for notifying all members regarding their dues to the chapter. 


The governing body of the chapter  shall consist of a. Office bearers elected as per rule 10, one immediate past President, one immediate past secretary and 4 members elected in the Annual General Body Meeting from the list of suggested nomination submitted to the returning officer appointed by the governing body, two of which will be from academic institutions and two from the practicing pool. These members shall be elected for a period of 2 years 


a. The governing body shall constitute the executive authority of the forum in all scientific, business and financial activities. 

b. The governing body shall be responsible for arrangements for the business and scientific parts of the Annual General Meeting. 

c. The governing body shall have the powers to decide to convene such other scientific meetings besides the annual one as it deems necessary.

 d. The Governing body shall have the powers to invest money of the chapter with due regard for all existing laws. 

e. The Governing body shall meet at least six times in a year.

 f. The Governing body shall have powers to appoint any subcommittee for any special purpose or any aspect of functioning. 

g. Such subcommittee shall be under the direction of the governing body and the report of such subcommittee shall be incorporated in the report of the governing body & submitted to the Annual Meeting. 


 Annual General Meeting shall be a business and may be clubbed with a scientific activity( Seminar/Oration/workshop) 

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be 

a. To receive the report of the Governing body. 

b. To receive the report of the Treasurer and the audited statement of accounts and balance sheet.

c. To elect office bearers and members of the forum 

e. To consider other business as the governing body may determine. 

f. To consider any resolution or amendments to the rules submitted by members in accordance with rule. 

g. Quorum at Annual General Meeting shall be constituted by 10% of total membership. If no quorum is formed the meeting is adjourned for 3o minutes. If no quorum is established at the end of 30 minutes, it is presumed to have been established and the annual general body meeting is conducted. 

h. Resolution: Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the Annual General Meeting shall notify the same in writing to the Secretary at least six weeks before the date of such meeting. 


a. Notification of nomination to various posts will be done by Secretary 1 month before Annual General Meeting

 b. All nominations will be proposed and seconded by two full members of the forum with written consent of the candidate. 

c. All nominations shall reach the returning officer not later than 1 week before the date of Annual General Meetings. 

d. After scrutinizing the nominations, the final list of nomination will be announced by the returning officer during the annual general body meeting.

f. The election shall be held by secret ballot at the time of Annual General Meeting.

 The results would be declared by the Returning Officer only after counting of votes polled is completed. The results have to be ratified by the AGM after announcement by the Returning Officer.

 g. For any casual vacancy that may occur, the Council shall be empowered to appoint a successor who shall hold office till Annual General Meeting. 


Any number not less than three-fifth of the full  members of forum may determine that the chapter shall be dissolved and there upon it shall be dissolved forthwith, or at the time then agreed upon, and all necessary steps shall be taken for the disposal and settlement of property of the forum, its claims and liabilities. If upon dissolution of forum or termination shall remain after discharge of all debts and liabilities any property or funds whatsoever they shall be given or transferred to an institution or institutions having similar objectives as the forum which shall be determined by the votes not less than three fifth of the members of the group at the meeting at the time of dissolution. 


 Notice to any proposal to repeal, amend, or add to the existing rules shall be forwarded to the Secretary in writing not later than six weeks before the date of Annual General Meeting. All the amendments to rules suggested by the member or by the governing body shall be circulated to the members by the Secretary at least two weeks before the meeting. The proposal shall appear on the agenda of the meeting in the form of a resolution duly proposed and seconded. No proposal shall be considered as passed unless it is carried by a majority of at least three-fifth of the members present by voting.

Guidelines for USI Affiliate Bodies
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