Neurovesical Dysfunction Webinar

The USI ISU Session on Neurogenic Bladder is a 150min program aimed at discussing the salient aspects of evaluation and management of two of the major classes of patients: those with spinal disease-injury and those with suprapontine lesions. The discussions are chiefly case-based and issue-based. There is a special session on salvage techniques including indwelling catheters and containment options. Dedicated time is reserved for audience questions. The program should be useful both to practicing urologists and trainees.

 10th July’2020       1800 – 2030 hrs 
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Topic: Neuro vesical dysfunction and overactive bladder – current strategies of management

Convenors : Dr Sanjay Sinha / Dr Arun Chawla
Opening remarks: Dr Rajeev T P, Hon Secretary, USI ( 2 mins )
Address by Prof Anant Kumar, President, USI ( 2 mins )
Address by Prof Rajeev Sood, Chairman,ISU ( 2 mins )
Learning Objectives : Dr Arun Chawla ( 3 mins )

Session I:  1810 – 1910
Clinical Epidemiology of Neurogenic Bladder – Anita Patel ( 15 mins )
Panel Discussion: Management of High Risk nLUTD ( 45 mins )              
Moderator: Dr Sanjay Sinha
Panellists : Dr Rishi Nayar, Dr Sanjay Pandey, Dr Vineet Narang, Dr Shirish Yande

Session II: 1910 – 1950
Panel Discussion: Managementof nLUTD in suprapontine lesions( 40 mins)
Moderator : Dr Arun Chawla         
Panellists : Dr Shailesh Raina, Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Arabind Panda, Dr Aneesh Srivastava

Session III: 1950 – 2030
Panel Discussion: Catheters, Continence Products, Containment Strategies ( 30 mins )   Moderator: Dr Nikhil Khattar
Panellists : Dr Vijay Madduri, Dr Ankur Mittal , Dr Kalyan Sarkar, Dr Anita Patel
Audience Interaction Session ( 10 mins ) 
Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Sanjay Sinha

Neurovesical Dysfunction Webinar
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