Patient Education Section

Welcome to the patient education section of the USI. The goal of this section is to bring understanding of urological diseases in a simple and easy to comprehend manner for the general public. This section will be featuring Patient Education articles in various domains fo Urology.

Here are some latest articles that you should read:

  • Prostate Cancer
    Most cases of prostate cancer develop in older men. In many cases the cancer is slow-growing, does not reduce life expectancy, and may not need […]
  • Penile Cancer
    Penile Cancer (Cancer of the Penis) Most cases develop in men over the age of 50. The cause is not clear. There is a good […]
  • Kidney Cancer
    Kidney Cancer Most cases of kidney cancer develop in people over the age of 60. The most common early symptom is blood in the urine. […]
  • Bladder Cancer
    The common early symptom of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. In most cases, the cancer is confined to the inside lining of the […]
  • Testicular Cancer
    The main early symptom of testicular cancer is a painless lump that develops in one testis. Treatment involves surgery to remove the affected testis. Chemotherapy […]
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