Simulation in Urology Webinar

20th September 2020 – 5.40 pm IST

The first of its kind simulation in urology webinar organized by the urology Society of India and the Indian school of urology

20th September 2020 would be a day on which the first of its kind webinar on simulation in urology would be witnessed. It has been planned by the Urology Society of India and the Indian school of urology under the guidance of president Dr Anant Kumar and secretary Dr TP Rajeev,  ISU president Dr Rajiv Sood and co Chairman Dr Arun Chawla.

Eminent urologist and innovator Dr Ashish Rawandale- Patil would be the chief convener of the session.

Simulation is becoming the keystone for learning practical skills in urology in recent times. Indian simulation in urology has seen itself grow from scratch from the days when the concept of simulation was non existent in the country to the present day scenario of a well structured nation wide simulation program. It all started with a table discussion at the Urology Society of India council meeting in 2016 and slowly grew to a scale where more than 500 delegates trained in the simulation arena at the Kochi USICON 2020. The USI now conducts such simulation programs four times a year and has evolved from sessions for training the postgraduates, to sessions for training the consultants and trainers.

The USI is extremely happy to have 6 international and 28 national faculties to deliberate on this interesting topic during the webinar.

This extensive webinar of three hours would cover all the aspects of simulation from box simulators to high fidelity simulators, to homegrown innovations which have reached the international forums. Role of a good curriculum, role of various governing bodies, educational Institutes,  teachers, students and simulation industry would be covered. Debates and Star talks punctuate the webinar at various salient junctions. Various Indian origin simulators would also be presented during the webinar.

We welcome you all, to this never seen before extravaganza of simulation: Sunday 20th September 5:40 PM IST.

Long live USI

Simulation in Urology Webinar
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