A Tribute to Dr. S S Joshi

Late Professor S S Joshi

I script this piece as a profound expression of our concerted and unfeigned tribute to the late Professor Dr. S.S. Joshi whose recent demise discomfited us intensely. 

Professor Joshi was one of my staunch senior friends and over a stretch of years we sculpted an abiding alliance buttressed by our massive interest in Paediatric Urology. 

Through an agreeable happenstance I as the convener of Paediatric Urology often had to interact with Professor Joshi and scheme related programmes for the society. In fact, I along with Professor Venugopal and Dr. Joshi formed an argumentative trinity engaged often in combative academics. We were not evidently on the same page every time and yet our differences did not bruise our solid camaraderie. Brevity and pellucidity were the hallmarks of his articulation and critical remarks, if any, were always ensheathed in subtle and civil sarcasm. I have never seen him hectoring an adversary into submission. 

During my tenure as the Editor of the Indian Journal of Urology I periodically extracted editorial comments from him to append articles related to Paediatric Urology. His calibrated views added luster to the Journal as well as fortified the salience of the original papers. 

As the President of the USI he conducted its affairs with perfect poise and official correctitude and his actions did not go far beyond what prudence would allow. Along the way Dr.Joshi showed wisdom and wit with generations of Urologists and forged human links between the organization’s past and future. 

We knew that during the last few months he lived through a particularly tempestuous phase of health challenges and battled them with fortitude. 

His loss has grievously weakened the Indian Urology and his immediacy and importance would remain undiminished. 

Let us seek comfort in lovely memories he had bequeathed and which will continue to inhabit us unfaded. 

It is my privilege to transmit to Shuba, his gracious spouse, our unalloyed regards, respects and prayers. 

Dr. K . Sasidharan

A Tribute to Dr. S S Joshi
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