USICON 2021Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Day I – Friday, 12th February 2021

Hall A

1230 – 1300 hrsPaediatric UrodynamicsConvener: Dr Shrish Yande

Chairpersons: Dr Ali Poonawala, Dr LN Dorairajan, Dr Puskal Kumar Bagchi
Introduction – Dr Shirish Yande ( 3 mins ) Indications of Urodynamics in Paediatric Population – Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy ( 5 mins ) Principles on Paediatric Urodynamics – Dr Anita Patel ( 7 mins )
Panel discussion – Case Scenarios ( 15 mins )Moderator – Dr Shirish YandePanelists – Dr Anita Patel, Dr Mallikarjuna ReddyCases – Meningomyelocele, Dysfunctional voiding, Posterior urethral valve

1300 – 1315 hrsHimadri Sarkar OrationOrator: Dr Madhu S Agrawal

Chairpersons: Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Rajeev TPTopic: The Evolution of Minimally-invasive Endourology: A Fantastic Voyage of Four Decades

1315 – 1400 hrsHS Bhat SymposiumModerator: Dr Hemant Pathak

Topic: Nocturia Current concepts and management (Case based scenarios)Panelists: Dr Anita Patel, Dr Pawan Vasudeva, Dr Siddalingeshwar Neeli, Dr Ranbir Prasad Singh

1400 – 1500 hrsModerated Video Session

Chairpersons: Dr PM Deka, Dr Joseph Philipraj, Dr MK Chhabra
Novel technique of corporal dilatation with Alken dilators for semirigid penile implant in a patient with corporal fibrosis – Dr Jibhakate Nikhilesh
Role of flexible URS in treatment of infundibular stenosis – a rare case report – Dr Pratik Pramod Chirde
Open radical perineal prostatectomy with lap perineal pelvic lymphadenectomy: a novel hybrid approach and our initial experience – Dr Hemant Goel
Side to side vesicoureteric anastomosis with psoas hitch in post-transplant ureteric stricture – Dr Singh Kamlesh
Appendix as interposition graft in ureteroureterostomy – Dr Sunil Kumar Bhat
Robotic surgery for endophytic parahilar tumor – Dr Goel S
Robotic assisted diverticulectomy with urethral sparing simple prostatectomy – Dr Vishnu Raveendran
Journey of T1b renal mass to post nephron sparing surgery PCNL – Dr Rupesh Bharatbhai Shah
Laparaoscopic partial nephrectomy: dual renal artery – Dr Rupesh Bharatbhai Shah

1500 – 1615 hrsEndo Urology Sub Specialty Session
Convener: Dr Arvind Ganpule

PCNL: Prone & Supine – Two sides of the same side (Technique based Dialogue on each step of PCNL)Chairpersons: Dr S P Yadav, Dr Abdul Azeez, Dr Anil BradooModerators: Dr Arvind Ganpule, Dr Deepak Ragoori
Theme: Position and Access – How and Why?(Each speaker will give his approach and preference on the following points)My IndicationsPatient positioningEquipment, position, ergonomics, pressure pointAnaesthesia considerationsAccess-technique, selection of calyx, indicators of imperfect puncture
Prone PCNL: Dr SK Pal (15 min), Dr Gyanendra Sharma (15 min)Supine PCNL: Dr Nariman Gadziev (15min), Dr Gaurang Shah (15 min)Expert opinion and summary: Dr Guido Giusti (15 mins) 

1615 – 1730 hrs Uro Oncology Subspecialty Session

Theme – What has 2020 taught us?Convener – Dr Raghunath SKWelcome and Introduction – Dr Raghunath SK (2 min)
Session IChairpersons: Dr Aditya Pradhan, Dr Ranjan Kumar Dey, Dr Rakesh Sharma
Prostate CancerTreatment of Locally advanced prostate cancer – Dr Ginil Kumar (6 mins)Oligo Metastatic prostate cancer Management perspectives – Dr Sanjai Addla (6 mins)Genetics and mutational analysis of CRPC – Dr Ganesh Bakshi (6 mins)Expert comments – Dr Jagdish Kulkarni, Dr N P Gupta (3mins)
Renal CancerNeoadjuvant approaches to improve surgical outcomes for RCC – Dr Jiten Jaipuria (6 mins)Cytoreductive nephrectomy for metastatic RCC: evidence-based guide to selecting patients – Where surgery will help – Dr N Ragavan (6 mins)Expert comments – Dr Makarand Khochikar, Dr Amlesh Seth (3 min)
Session IIChairpersons: Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Harvinder Pahwa
Bladder cancerManagement options for BCG resistant and recurrent high risk NMIBC – Dr Joy Chakraborty(6 mins)Open Radical Cystectomy (ORC) vs Robot-assisted Radical cystectomy (RARC) – Dr Gagan Gautam (6 mins)Expert comments – Dr Sudhir Rawal and Dr TB Yuvaraja (3 mins)
Penile and Testicular Cancer HPV, vaccination and penile cancer – Dr Santosh Kumar (6 mins)DSNB – Is hybrid technique the gold standard – Dr Hemang Bakshi (6 mins)Extraperitoneal and robotic RPLND for NSGCT – Dr Gagan Prakash (6 mins)Expert comments – Dr Hemant Tongaonkar and Dr Kalyan Sarkar (3 mins)
Closing Remarks – Dr SK Raghunath (1 min)

1730 – 1800 hrsMasters Voice I
Chairpersons: Brig Routray, Dr SV Kandasamy
Urological training past, present and future – Prof Roy ChallyIs suction going to change the way PCNLs are done? – Prof Mahesh Desai
Hall B

1230 – 1300 hrs Case scenarios in Uro-Pathology – Where it matters to the Urologists?

Convenor: Dr Santhosh MenonChairpersons: Dr Ganesh Bakshi, Dr Sachin Patil, Dr Amit JoshiPanellists:  Dr Nandini Menon, Dr Mahendra Pal, Dr Gagan Prakash, Dr Rakesh Sharma, Dr Vedang Murthy, Dr Rahul Krishnatry, Dr Archi Aggarwal, Dr Ashish Singh, Dr Vishal Rao, Dr Bindhu MR
Case 1 – Interesting testicular tumor caseCase 2 – Prostate cancer caseCase 3 – Bladder cancer case

1400 – 1515 hrsAndrology Subspecialty Session 

Introduction: Dr Datteswar Hota ( 2 mins )
Session I   Erectile Dysfunction ( 8 mins each ) Chairpersons: Dr Ajit Saxena, Dr Deepak GuptePhalloplasty for either penile cancer or exstrophy – Dr David RalphAnejaculation – Dr Rupin ShahRegenerative medicine in ED – Dr Carlo Bettocchi
Session II Male Infertility ( 8 mins each )Chairpersons: Dr Rajendra Singh Sinam, Dr Vineet MalhotraMicro TESE what to do before and after – Dr SS Vasan Testosterone deficiency in male infertility – Dr Ranjith RamaswamyAndrological manifestations of COVID – Dr Ajay Nehra
Session III Panel discussion (25 mins)Moderators: Dr Raman Tanwar, Dr Pramod KrishnappaPanellists: Dr Rupin Shah, Dr S S Vasan, Dr Shivam Priyadarshi, Dr Vinod KV

1515 – 1615 hrs Moderated Podium Session I

Chairpersons: Dr Dilip Dhanpal, Dr Sanjay Kolte, Dr Rajesh Tiwari
Prognostic Significance of Klotho Expression in Tumour of Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma – Dr Kr Rajiv Ranjan
Hyperthermic Intravesical Chemotherapy (HIVEC) With Mitomycin C in Intermediate Risk Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Interim Report of a Randomized Controlled Study – Dr Sahil Pethe
Radical Nephrectomy and IVC Thrombectomy In Renal Cell Carcinoma with IVC Thrombus Extension: An Experience Of 51 Cases – Dr Kakoti S
Computed Tomographic Findings and Their Correlation with Main Histological Subtypes of Renal Cell Carcinoma – An Observational Study – Dr Krunal Nitinkumar Rathod
Role of Open Radical Prostatectomy in the era of Robotic Surgery – Dr Malik Abdul Rouf
Late Urological Complications of Pelvic Radiotherapy Presenting To A Tertiary Care Institute – Dr Jibhakate Nikhilesh
Evaluation of Renal Function in patients with Obstructive Uremia Undergone Radical Cystectomy – Dr Abhishek Sati
Study to Assess The Role Of Serum Test Osterone To Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Ratio As A Predictor Of Prostate Cancer Risk In Indian Population – Dr Gaurav Sharma

1615 – 1715 hrs  USI Best Poster Prize Session

Chairpersons: Dr Janak Desai, Dr RM Meyappan, Dr Amlesh Seth
Prediction of recurrent stone formation by measuring renal papillae in Hounsfield units –    Dr Darshit Shah
Knowledge attitude and practice (K.A.P.) gap for the stone disease management in patients with recurrent stone disease: survey-based analysis of tertiary care centre at high stone burden area and its implementations – Dr Pratik Kumar Shah
Can renal volumetry and parenchymal thickness predict renal function recovery after diversion in patients with obstructive uropathy – Dr Gopal Sharma
Study of comparison of stone culture of fragments /dust retrieved during pneumatic lithotripsy vs laser lithotripsy vs pneumatic and ultrasound combined lithotripsy – Dr Pavan Prabhakar Surwase
Changing clinical trends in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a paradigm shift – Dr Harshit Garg
A combined retrospective-prospective study for long term efficacy of internal urethrotomy by experienced single hand surgeon followed by CIC with clobetasol ointment in the management of stricture urethra in a CIC compliant population – Dr Mukesh Kumar
Identification of renal stones on non- contrast computed tomography images using deep learning convolutional neural networks: initial experience of a single tertiary care center –     Dr Milap Shah
Optimal laser settings for maximal dusting in mini-PCNL with suction using high power holmium laser: a prospective study of 110 patients – Dr Naveen Kumar Reddy M
Clinical value of patient-specific three-dimensional printing of kidney before partial nephrectomy- Dr Sumit Saini
Continuous versus intermittent androgen deprivation therapy for hormone sensitive metastatic prostate cancer; is the debate over? – Dr Patel Rajkumar
Predictors of prostatic urethral involvement in transurethral resection of bladder tumor to re-validate the literature reported facts: a prospective study – Dr Danish N
Oncological outcomes and complications following radical cystectomy with or without neoadjuvant chemotherapy -a retrospective comparative cohort study – Dr Selvin Theodore Jayanth
First case of bladder paraganglioma in cyanotic congenital heart disease – a case report –Dr Vignesh M
A retrospective analysis of factors affecting ease of ureteral access sheath insertion during flexible ureteroscopy – Dr Parikh A
Single center audit of urinary bladder malignancy: a 3-year retrospective analysis of hospital data – Dr Manjunath T

1715 – 1800 hrs Endourology Fellowship opportunities: How to thread the journey
Conveners: Prof Bhaskar Somani, Dr Zeeshan Hameed BM

Chairpersons: Dr NP Gupta, Dr Haresh Thummar, Dr Nariman Gadzhiev
Fellowship in India: the European perspective – Dr Esteban Emiliani (10 mins)How to zero in an endourology fellowship of your choice – Dr Vincent De Coninck (10 mins)How to maximize fellowship opportunities – Dr Etienne Xavier Keller (10 mins)Converting a fellowship into a job – Dr Amelia Pietropaolo (10 mins) Discussion ( 5 mins )
Hall C

1230 – 1300 hrsUpdate on Urological Infections

Convenor: Dr Laxman PrabhuChairpersons: Dr Ganesh Kamath, Dr Bobby Viswaroop 
Introduction: Dr Laxman Prabhu (1 min) Urinary microbiome in health and disease – Dr Kiran Chawla (8 mins)Non antibiotic management of UTI’s – Dr Omar Akhtar (8 mins)Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for urological procedures – Current best practices – Dr H Krishnamoorthy (8 mins)Discussion (5 mins)

1400 – 1500 hrs Moderated Podium Session II 

Chairpersons: Dr D Ramesh, Dr Shivaji Basu, Dr Santosh Kumar (Chandigarh)
A prospective observational study on the predictability of Triple-D score in the success rate of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in urinary stones – Dr Soumish Sengupta
Evaluation of learning curve of urology residents for retrograde interarenal surgery (RIRS):a prospective study – Dr Rohitas Chandora
Push score in acute complicated pyelonephritis with imminent septic shock – a new armamentarium in the early prediction of outcome – Dr Prashant Kumar Chauhan
BPH nomogram using IPSS, prostate volume, peak flow rate, PSA and median lobe protrusion for predicting the need for intervention: development and internal validation – Dr Rohan Batra
Effects of use of bolster and its orientation on kidney position in reference to prone percutaneous nephrolithotomy – Dr Singh P
Supracostal superior calyceal access- do we really need to fear thoracic complications?- Dr B Sourabh Chandra Reddy
Evaluation of preoperative parameters in predicting outcome of transurethral resection of prostate in benign enlargement of prostate: a prospective study – Dr Shalabh Agarwal
Strategy to track Double J stents placed during COVID-19 using smart phone-based stent tracker application’ to prevent forgotten Double J stent in a high volume center: a smart solution- Dr Rohit Kapoor

1500 – 1600 hrs USI Best Video Session  

Chairpersons: Dr Shailesh Shah, Dr Girish Nelvigi, Dr Apul Goel
Robotic en-bloc transplantation of 1 year old pediatric deceased donor kidney- Dr Renish Hareshbhai Patel
Laparoscopic paravaginal repair with Burch Colposuspension for cystocele with stress urinary incontinence – Dr Vivek Meyyappan
Post chemotherapy robotic retroperitoneal lymph node dissection with IVC repair – Dr Agarwal VV
Open conversions/injuries at laparoscopic renal surgery – Dr Rakesh Khera
Novel Case (Robot Assisted Supine Extraperitoneal) Retro Peritoneal Mass Excision – Dr Shivraj Barath Kumar
Robot assisted video endoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection in clinically node positive carcinoma penis patients: our technique and long term functional and oncological outcomes- Dr Khanna A
Inter-aortocaval extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma – out of the box approach- Dr Thiruvalar Prabu Anand Vikramdhithan
Dorsal onlay buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty in post radiation female urethral stricture- a technical appraisal with outcomes – Dr Praanjal Gupta
Thulium fibre laser en-bloc resection of bladder tumour – our clinical experience – Dr Chandra Mohan V
Post chemotherapy robot assisted bilateral radical inguinal lymph node dissection: technical feasibility – Dr Indraneel Banerjee

1600 – 1700 hrs Moderated Poster Session I 

Chairpersons: Dr Dilip Karmakar, Dr Sujata Patwardhan, Dr Anil Elhence
Small cell carcinoma in a urinary bladder diverticulum: a therapeutic dilemma – Dr Jain N
Triple trouble- renal collecting duct carcinoma in nonfunctioning kidney secondary to pelviureteric junction obstruction – Dr Mithilesh Kumar Yadav
“Smiley” cutaneous ureterostomy: a satisfactory option for urinary diversion in selected cases of radical cystectomy – Dr Madhur Anand
Multilocular cystic renal neoplasm of low malignant potential – masquerader of cystic clear cell carcinoma – mini review – Dr Harish Challa
Metastatic RCC presenting as hemiparesis an unusual presentation – Dr Karthi A P
Role of pre-biopsy multiparametric MRI, pre-operative Gleason score and pre-operative PSA in predicting extraprostatic extension after radical prostatectomy – single-centre retrospective study – Dr Pavithran A
Trimodality treatment for muscle invasive carcinoma Bladder: our institutional experience – Dr Zalse R
Diffuse papillamatosis of the urinary tract: a rare mimicker of upper tract urothelial carcinoma. A case report with review of literature – Dr Midhun Mohan
Blind side of urology-unusual presentations of prostatic carcinoma – Dr Aadhar Jain
Penile metastasis from cancer of prostate: a case report – Dr Priyabatra Adhikari 
A rare case of 13 years old female presenting with nephrogenic adenoma: a case report- Dr Hari Shankar Singh
Stauffer’s syndrome: a rare case report – Dr Bhondave Suraj T
A rare case of desmoid tumor with bladder invasion – Dr Abhilash Goutham Ramesh
Video endoscopic inguinal lymphadenectomy in penile cancer with palpable lymph nodes- Dr Bhowmik Prasenjit

1700 – 1800 hrs Rapid Fire in Urology

Moderator: Dr Prashant Mulawkar, Dr Ravi Mohan Mavuduru
Rescue stitch – Dr Rajesh Taneja Rocco stitch – Dr Abhishek SinghStone in calyceal diverticulum with narrow neck – Dr Deepak RagooriObturator block – Dr Prabhjot SinghPneumorenum – Dr V Suryaprakash VaddiBasilic mini transposition – Dr Muthu VeeramaniHandling giant hydronephrosis after PUJ reconstruction – Dr Kishore WaniSuction assisted ureteral access sheaths: where do they stand – Dr Rohit JoshiRight sided donor nephrectomy with early arterial branching – Dr Adittya Kumar Sharma
Hall D

1230- 1300 hrs Open surgical skills which have lasted test of time (semi live)

Convenor: Dr Arun ChawlaChairpersons: Dr Deepak Kirpekar, Dr Percy Chibbar, Dr Bibhas Kundu
Introduction: Dr Arun Chawla: 2 minSimple prostatectomy: Dr Rajeev TP (Mangalore) (7mins)Neo-bladder creation: Dr Brusabhanu Naik (7 mins)Augmentation Cystoplasty: Dr Makarand Kochikar (7 mins)Expert comments: Dr R Keshavmurthy, Dr Nachiket Vyas (5min)Take Home Message: Dr Arun Chawla (2 mins)

1400 – 1515 hrs Female Urology Subspecialty Session

Welcome Address: Dr Sanjay Sinha ( 2 mins ) Session I Rapid Fire Debates Moderator: Prof Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Botulinum Toxin for Sphincter DyssynergiaShould become mainstream – Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy (3 mins)Several concerns remain – Dr Deepak Dubey (3 mins)Discussion (2 mins)
Ejaculation sparing BNI in young menReady for Prime Time – Dr Arabind Panda (3 mins)Too many uncertainties – Dr Mayank Mohan Agarwal (3 mins)Discussion (2 mins)
Urethral Dilatation in Women with Voiding SymptomsStill has definite role – Dr Shirish Yande (3 mins)Should be abandoned – Dr Nikhil Khattar (3 mins)Discussion (2 mins)
Session II    Keynote Lecture: Prostate Surgery in Men with Underactive Detrusor (15 mins)Chairperson : Dr Ajit VazeSpeaker: Prof Paul AbramsDiscussion (5 mins)
Session III Message on a Slide (3 mins each)Chairperson: Dr Kalyan Sarkar, Dr Arun Chawla
New definitions in the USI Urinary Incontinence Guidelines – Dr Pawan VasudevaIndications for Imaging in UDS – Dr Anita PatelQuality Control in Urodynamics – Prof Paul AbramsCutting Edge Research in Functional Urology – Dr Roger DmochowskiDiscussion (8 mins)
Closing Remarks: Dr Sanjay Sinha (1 min)

1515 – 1615 hrsModerated Poster Session II

Chairpersons: Dr (Brig) SC Karan, Dr Uttam Mete, Dr Shrenik Shah
Left seminal vesicle cyst with multiple calculi with contralateral renal agenesis: rare variant of Zinner syndrome – a case report – Dr Suryawanshi A
Prolene is thy culprit; boycott him “post-renal transplant lower ureteric calculus with prolene acting as a nidus – a rare case report – Dr Vyas Ankit S
Endoscopic management of continent catheterizable pouches for urinary diversion stones (CCD stones) – Dr Saini Ashutosh
Urinary matrix stone: opening the pandora’s box – Dr Sharma A
Late thoracic complication following PCNL – Dr Deepti Sureka Mummidi
Penoscrotal necrotizing fascitis following turp: a rare complication – Dr Sharan Kumar Jabshetty
Regional anaesthesia for transurethral resection of prostate- a comparative evaluation of saddle block superior versus spinal anaesthesia – Dr Hemant Kamal
Submucosal impaction of a forgotten double j stent: addressing the unexpected- Dr Shiraz Akif Mohd. Ziauddin
Primary retrovesical paraganglioma: a rare entity – Dr Zaheen Khan
B/l large perinephric fluid collection due to renal lymphangiectasia – a rare case – Dr Shivanand Prakash
Secondary tumor of bladder and prostate – from unknown gastrointestinal primary- Dr Chaudhari SM
Dirofilariasis: a rare case of scrotal swelling – Dr Thomas MB
Evaluation of predictors of renal salvage in high grade blunt renal trauma patients treated primarily with conservative line of management – Dr Sahane Pushpendrakumar Jagannath
Management challenges in renal angiomyolipoma- case series – Dr Basil Mathew 

1615 – 1715 hrsUSI Best Prize for Innovations in Urology Session

Chairpersons: Dr R Keshavamurthy, Dr Pankaj Maheshwari, Dr Harprit Singh
Development of a PCNL puncture detector: an innovative alarm which detects a successful renal puncture during percutaneous renal access – Dr Ashish Rawandale Patil
Use of novel – thru surgery-mixed reality technology to assist complex renal surgeries, intra-op mentorship and training – Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed
Diagnostic potential of Raman spectroscopy in the bladder cancer: identify and characterise grades – Dr Ravi Chandran K
Role of osteoprotegein as a novel marker in urinary stone formers – a pilot studyProf Dr D Sreedhar
Effect of a novel technique of posterior reconstruction of pubourethralis on early return of continence after robot assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) – Dr Malik Abdul Rouf
An inchoate, nascent & improved position for supine PCNL – Dr Shah Neel Sanjay
Improved stone free rates using m-arm in patients undergoing RIRS: a prospective randomised, single centre study – Dr Vivek Jayakumar

1715 – 1800 hrs Tele-Urology: Is it the way forward? (6 mins each)

Moderator: Dr Sunil Shroff
Setting up of a Tele outdoor clinic: Dr Ketan ShuklaData compilation and Ownership: Dr Abhijit PatilTechnical intricacies of various applications: Dr Nithesh NaikOverseas consults: Dr Sanjay PandeyConsent in Telehealth: Dr Aditya Prakash SharmaLegal status of Telehealth practice in India: Dr Sunil ShroffDiscussion: 9 min
1815 – 1915 hrsInaugural Function
1930 – 2200 hrsEntertainment Programme

Day II – Saturday, 13th February 2021

Hall A

1230 – 1350 hrsUSI Best Paper Prize Session

Chairpersons: Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Dr Deepak Kirpekar, Dr Aneesh Srivastava
Artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support system for prediction of stone free rate of percutaneous nephrolithotomy for staghorn calculi and comparison of different classifiers: a preliminary study at a university teaching hospital – Dr Milap Shah
Predictors and outcomes of post-PCNL acute kidney injury: outcomes from a high-volume tertiary endourology center – Dr Shruti Pandit
Day case robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery: feasibility and safety – Dr Sandeep Bafna
Efficacy of microscopic varicocelectomy on reduction of sperm DNA fragmentation and overall improvement in semen analysis – Dr Vivek Meyyappan
Cadaver urethroplasty – an ideal training tool? – Dr Sachdeva Kamal
Pd-l1 expression in genitourinary malignancies in Indian sub-population and its association with tumor aggressiveness – Dr Gupta G
“Mesh free” mid urethral sling for female stress urinary incontinence: a prospective study – Dr Iyer S
Prediction of biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy using a simplified formula, the GP score (bioptic gleason score times prostate specific antigen), in an Indian cohort: single centre perspective – Dr Krishna Mohan B
Prognostic and Predictive Role of Intra-tumoral CXCR1 Expression in Patients Receiving Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors for Metastatic Clear-Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma – Dr Sridhar P
Comparison of early surgical outcomes of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy between T1a and T1b renal tumours – a retrospective single-centre study – Dr Santhosh Nagasubramanian

1350 – 1500 hrs   International Society Lectures

Chairpersons: Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr C Mallikarjuna, Dr Datteswar Hota      AUA lecture: The Future of Medical Meetings – Dr John DenstedtEAU lecture: Early detection of prostate cancer – an urgent priority – Prof Hein Van PoppelSIU lecture: The vessel sparing approach for reconstruction of the posterior urethra –                    Dr Reynaldo Gomez SanchezBAUS lecture: Retroperitoneal fibrosis – a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma –                     Dr Tim O’BrienUAA lecture:  Penile regenerative therapies to restore erectile dysfunction – An evidence-based                                 clinical practice or medical hype? – Dr Eric ChungIAUA lecture: High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) for localised prostate cancer –                     Dr Puneet SindhwaniAAU lecture:  Impacted Ureteral Stone: Prediction and management – Dr Yasser Farahat

1500 – 1700 hrs  AUA – USI Joint Session

Chairpersons: Dr Anant Kumar, Dr. Rajeev TP, Dr John Denstedt
SWL vs URS vs PCNL – Dr Benjamin Canales (20mins)Contemporary management of upper tract urothelial cancer – Dr Phillip Pierorazio (20 mins)Management of intra-abdominal testis – Dr Kate Kraft (20 mins)In a multi-organ cadaveric retrieval-What a urologist should know? – Dr Jamal Rizvi (8 mins)Endourological manipulation in a renal recipient – Dr RB Sabnis (8 mins)Managing staghorn calculus by mini PCNL and high watt Laser system – Dr Prashant Pattnaik (8 mins)Modern combination energy sources in endourology – are they ready to replace conventional ones – Dr Madhu S Agrawal (8 mins)Neo-adjuvant hormone therapy – is it going to change the management in locally advanced CaP – Dr TB Yuvaraja (8mins)In NMIBC: what after BCG? – Dr Santosh Kumar (Vellore) (8mins)Management options in advanced metastatic RCC – Dr Anup Kumar Gupta (8mins)

1700 – 1730 hrs Masters Voice II

Chairpersons: Dr P Venugopal, Dr Appu Thomas
My perspective on reconstructions in Urology – Prof Ganesh GopalakrishnanAre we really over-using Robotics in our practice – Prof N P Gupta

1730 – 1800 hrs RIRS in challenging scenarios
Convener: Dr Kandarp ParikhChairpersons: Dr Kandarp Parikh, Dr K Nanjappa, Dr Prabhjot Singh
Anomalous kidneys – Dr Hiren Sodha (8 mins)Large Burden stones – Dr Chandra Mohan Vaddi (8 mins)Lower calyx and upper anterior calyx – Dr M Prabhakar (8 mins)Expert Comments by the chair: 6 mins
Hall B

1230 – 1300 hrs What Beyond the conventional Da Vinci in Urology?

Convenor: Dr Anil MandhaniChairpersons: Dr Rajesh Ahlawat, Dr Gautam Ram Choudhry  Newer robots: Dr Ashwin Tamhankar (8 mins)Latest technologies incorporated in Da-Vinci: Dr Varun Mittal (8 mins)Imaging and 3D printing to improve the outcomes in robotic surgery: Dr Santhosh Waigankar (8 mins)Discussion: 6 mins

1300 – 1430 hrs SAARC Session 

Conveners: Dr Madhu S Agrawal, Dr Pawan Raj Chalise
Session 1: Rapid fire in complications. How do you mange? Moderators: Dr CS Agarwal, Dr Uttam Mete
Chylous ascites after laparoscopic nephrectomy – Dr Suman Chapagain (4 min)Post anastomotic uretero-enteric leak in an ileal conduit – Dr Kanchana Edirisinghe (4 min)Long segment bilateral ureteric strictures – Dr Rishi Nayyar (4 min)Severe radiation cystitis with small capacity bladder post ca cervix – Dr Prashant Nayak (4 min)Clot retention with extremely tenacious clots post TURP – Dr Kalana Paranapalliyaguruge(4 min)Pneumothorax during upper polar dissection in lap nephrectomy – Dr HK Nagaraj (4 min)Expert opinion by moderators: 3 min
Session II: Didactic lectures:Moderators: Dr Rajesh Kukreja, Dr Zmarai Noori
Endourological interventions for Papillary necrosis which one and when? – Dr Prem Raj Gyawali (7 min)  Emphysematous pyelonephritis: what are the appropriate guidelines for intervention? Dr Paras Mani Shreshtha (7 min)  What a urologist should know about obstructive uropathy? Dr Shashikant Mishra (7 min)  Management of lymphocele post renal transplantation: an Algorithmic approach? Dr Samit Chaturvedi (7 min)  Expert opinion by moderators: 3 min
Session III: Debate: For a T3 renal tumor Partial Vs Radical NephrectomyFor Partial: Dr MA Salam (5 min ) For Radical: Dr Mumtaz Ahmad (5 min )Rebuttal: 2 mins eachExpert opinion: Dr Sudhir Rawal ( 2 min)
Aquablation Vs TURP for managing 40-50 gram BPH For Aquablation: Dr Abhishek Laddha (5 min) For TURP: Dr Atta Ur Rehman Khan – 5 min Rebuttal: 2 mins each
Expert opinion: Dr Mahesh Adhikari (2 min)

1430 – 1500 hrs  USI GUCSI Session 
Convenors: Dr Rajeev Sood, Dr Sudhir Rawal
Coordinator:Dr Sumit Gahlawat

Introduction: Dr Rajeev Sood ( 2 mins )
Session I: Hard TalkManagement of Prostate Cancer in Covid Era – Dr Rajeev Sood ( 4 mins )Chairpersons: Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Amlesh Seth   
Session II: Contemporary Advances Sexual Health in Prostate Cancer Survivors – Dr N P Gupta (4 mins )Neoadjuvant ADT in Radical Prostate Surgery – ‘Midsummer Night Dream’ or ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ – Dr S K Raghunath ( 4 mins )Chairpersons: Dr Jagdish Kulkarni, Dr Gagan Gautam, Dr Ganesh Bakshi, Dr Hemant Tongaonkar 
Session III Immunotherapy in Uro OncologyModerators: Dr N K Mohanty, Dr Kim MammenImmunotherapy in Urothelial cancer – What is New?   Role of Biomarkers – Dr Hemant Goel ( 2 mins )Role of maintenance immunotherapy after chemotherapy – Dr Aditya Pradhan ( 2 mins )Avelumab – Dr Dilip Dhanpal ( 2mins)  Kidney Cancer – Paradigm Shift Role of immunotherapy + Target Therapy – Dr Ginil Kumar ( 2 mins )Predicting response to treatment – Dr T B Yuvaraja ( 2  mins )
Prostate Cancer Genome and Future Prospects ( 5 mins )Moderator: Dr Sudhir RawalPanelists: Dr Gagan Prakash, Dr Rajappa
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1500 – 1615 hrs   Reconstructive Urology Subspecialty Session Moderator: Dr Rajiv Kore

Session I Chairpersons: Dr Shailesh Shah, Dr P N Dogra, Dr Anup Kr Kundu
Reliability and versatility of graft urethroplasty – Dr Francisco Martins (8mins)Post TURP strictures – Dr Pankaj Joshi (5 mins)Pan-urethroplasty – Dr Bhavatej Enganti (5mins)Flap Substitution Urethroplasty – Dr Ganesh Gopalkrishnan (8 mins)Pelvic Fracture Urethral Injury – Dr Sanjay Kulkarni (8 mins)
SESSION II Chairpersons: Dr Ajit Vaze, Dr Deepak Dubey, Dr KM Dineshan
Female Urethroplasty – Dr Rajiv Kore (5 mins)Female Pelvic Fracture Urethral Injury – Dr Rishi Nayyar (5 mins)Urethral strictures in patients after hypospadias surgery during childhood: is one-stage buccal mucosa urethroplasty an option? – Dr Margit Fisch (8 mins)Uro-rectal Fistula – Dr Tony Mundy (8 mins)Tissue engineering approaches for urethral reconstruction – Dr Qiang Fu (8 mins)
Q&A ( 7 mins )

1615 – 1730 hrs 
Laparoscopic and Robotic Urology Subspecialty Session                                Convener: Dr Pranjal Modi

Chairpersons: Dr Amlesh Seth, Dr Shrenik Shah, Dr Mujeeb-ur Rehman                                Introduction: Dr Pranjal Modi (2mins)
Robotic Nephron sparing surgery for T1b and aboveRobotic partial nephrectomy ( Video ) – Dr Ashok Hemal (6mins)Outcome of Nephron sparing surgery for T1b and above – Dr Nitin Kekre (6 mins)Robotic bilateral nerve sparing prostatectomy ( Video ) – Dr Anup Kumar (6 mins )Practical tips and tricks for nerve sparing robotic radical prostatectomy –  Dr Ravi Mohan Mavuduru (6 mins )Robotic RPLND for post chemotherapy NSGCT ( Video ) – Dr Sudhir Rawal (6 mins)Current role of RPND for post chemotherapy NSGCT – Dr Ganesh Bakshi (6 mins)
Robotic Reconstructive UrologyRobotic ureterocalycostomy ( Video ) – Dr Raju Thomas (6mins)Robotic Mitrofanoff procedure in a child ( Video ) – Dr Mohammad Ansari (6 mins)
Robotic kidney transplantationRobotic kidney transplantation ( Video ) – Dr Kishore TA (6 mins)Advances in robotic kidney transplantation – Dr Pranjal Modi (6 mins)
Q and A session
Dr Gagan Gautam (first 3 videos) (5 mins)Dr Anup Ramani (last 3 videos) (5 mins)
Vote of thanks: Dr Gagan Gautam ( 2 mins )

1730 – 1800 hrs   Masters Voice III 
Chairpersons: Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr PN Dogra
Robotic surgery at its best – Dr Alberto BredaMy journey of managing metastatic prostate cancer in last 20 years – Dr Hemant Tongaonkar
Hall C

1230 – 1300 hrs 
Men’s Health SessionConvener: Dr Rajeev Sood
Chairpersons: Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Kim Mammen
What is men’s health? – Dr Rajeev Sood ( 8 mins)Why you should practice men’s health? – Dr Raman Tanwar ( 8 min)Men’s health practice – step by step guide – Dr Karthikeyan VS ( 8 min)Discussion: 6 mins

1300 – 1420 hrs
Renal Transplant Subspeciality Session
Convenor: Dr Ajay Oswal

Session I: Case based scenariosChairpersons: Dr Umesh Oza, Dr Sujata Patwardhan
HCV positive deceased donorPresenter: Dr Jamal Rizvi    Expert: Dr Sanjay Sinha
Deceased donor with evidence of sepsisPresenter: Dr S Vasudevan    Expert: Dr Sunil Shroff
Hepatitis A positive donor with hepatic encephalopathyPresenter: Dr Vikas Jain    Expert: Dr Ahmed Halawa
Deceased donor with terminal rise of creatininePresenter: Dr Sanjoy Kumar Sureka    Expert: Dr Pranjal Modi
Pediatric deceased donor, En bloc retrieval and transplantPresenter: Dr Ajay Oswal    Expert: Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Deceased donor, head injury, 90 years of age, hemodynamically stablePresenter: Dr Sanjay Kolte    Expert: Dr Ajay Sharma
Small renal mass, lower pole of the retrieved kidneyPresenter: Dr Sanjoy Kumar Sureka    Expert: Dr Aneesh Srivastava
Unstable Deceased donor on multiple inotropesPresenter: Dr Veeramani Muthu    Expert: Dr Anant Kumar
Case scenario presentation: 1 minuteReview of literature: 4 minutesExpert comments: 2 minutesTake home message: 1 minute
Session II: Panel Discussion (15mins)Retrieval injuries – Artery / Vein / Ureter / ParenchymaModerator: Dr Ajay OswalPanellists: Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Dr Sanjay Sinha, Dr Sunil Shroff, Dr Ajay Sharma, Dr Aneesh Srivastava, Dr Ahmed Halawa

1420 – 1520 hrs USI – AAU Joint Session

Chairpersons: Dr RB Sabnis; Dr Yasser Farahat, Dr Santosh Kumar 
Reconstruction following vaginal mesh surgery complication – small risk but HUGE problem – Dr Mustafa Hilmy (12 min)Elaborated Perineal approach for pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect in children (PFUDD) – Dr Ayman Mousa (12 min)Robotic caval thrombectomy (semi- live) – Dr SK Raghunath (8 mins)Lap uretero-calicostomy (semi- live) – Dr Syed Md Ghouse (8 mins)Lap Boari flap reconstruction (semi- live) – Dr Himanshu Pandey (8 mins)Discussion: 12 mins

1520 – 1620 hrs Moderated Podium Session III

Chairpersons: Dr Dilip Pal, Dr K Gopichand, Dr Manav Suryavanshi
Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging in pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction management: one stop solution – Dr Deepesh Kalra
5-star study: single centre randomised placebo controlled double blind comparative study between alpha blockers, anticholinergics, B3 agonist and phosphodiesterase inhibitors in DJ stent related symptoms – Dr Pratik Kumar Shah
The prognostic performance of sepsis-3 and SIRS criteria for patients with urolithiasis-associated sepsis following surgical interventions – Dr Praveen Kumar Lakhera
Covid-19 and urology; balancing gains and losses in new normal’ in a high volume center.- Dr Chirag Gunvantray Shah
A better novel uroflowmetry index to indicate bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) due to benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) – Dr Zalse R
Emerging role of telemedicine in urology: COVID brought the opportunity for the future- Dr Ranjan R
Nephrectomy – recent trends – a high volume tertiary care centre experience – Dr Vyas Ankit S
Alpha blockers only the choice for indwelling ureteral stent related symptoms? A randomized prospective clinical study – Dr Pingale N D

1620 – 1720 hrsModerated Poster Session III

Chairpersons: Dr SJ Barua, Dr Shivalingaiah, Dr AK Sanwal
Ileal augmentation cystoplasty combined with ileal ureter replacement for the complex ureteric stricture for a contracted & low-compliance bladder – a case report – Dr Rohit Kumar Namdev 
Intrinsic ureteral endometriosis presenting as distal ureteric stricture – Dr Sinha Sujeet Shekhar
Our experience with ileocystoplasty and unilateral ileal replacement of ureter in solitary functioning kidney a modified technique in advanced GUTB patient with small contracted urinary bladder Dr Udipt Shringi
Functional and psychological outcomes of sigmoid colon neovaginoplasty in Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) – a retrospective study – Dr Mukesh Kumar
Mcindoe’s vaginoplasty for the creation of neo vagina in a case of mayer- rokitansky- kuster- hauser syndrome (mrkh): a case report – Dr Sharankumar Jabshetty
Pelvic lipomatosis; bladder sparing excision of mass with good surgical outcome – Dr Sinha Sujeet Shekhar
Primary urachal actinomycosis presenting as urachal abscess – a case report with review of literature – Dr Nikhil Saurabh
Xanthogranulomatous cystitis – a rare masquerader of carcinoma bladder – Dr Thomas MB
Giant renal calculus in solitary functioning kidney – Dr Jibhakate Nikhilesh
Urethral arterio-venous malformation: a rare cause of urethral bleeding – Dr Salim A
Spontaneous bladder rupture not so rare during the pandemic – Dr Bhise Vikas
Penetrating trauma to inner thigh causing bladder and sigmoid colon injury with retained intravesical foreign body – Dr Samson Ravirajendran
Grotesque presentation of angiomyolipoma imitating a bleeding pheochromocytoma- Dr Shoubhik Chandra
Management of a rare case of multiple congenital abnormalities with vesical calculus – Siddharth Jai Singh

1720 – 1820 hrsResidents Bowl 

Conveners: Dr Abhishek Singh, Dr Karthickeyan Naganathan, Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed
Hall D

1230 – 1300 hrs 
Financial management for Urologist
Convenor: Dr Kamaljeet Singh

Chairpersons: Dr Sachin Bote, Dr Vidur Bhalla, Dr Suraj Suchak
Introduction: Dr Kamaljeet Singh (2 mins)
Art of compounding and increasing financial independence – Dr Anish GuptaUnderstanding Mutual funds – Dr Amit GourEquity trading – Dr Sanjoy SurekaExperience sharing by Dr Ashish Patil 

1300 – 1400 hrs
USI Best Paper Prize for Young Urologists session

Chairpersons: Dr Suresh Bhat, Dr Sanjay Pandey, Dr RK Gopalakrishna
Anterior support reconstruction (ASURE) during robotic prostatectomy improves early return of urinary continence – Dr Sachin A N
Application of artificial intelligence in prediction of stone location, composition and skin to stone distance in renal lithiasis: a single center pilot study – Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed
Specimen retrieval, bimanual examination and intraoperative frozen sections during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: an alternate technique to neurosafe in reducing positive surgical margins and improving oncological outcome – Dr Sachin A N
Role of circulating tumor cells in patients with metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma- Dr Sridhar Panaiyadiyan
Correlation of metabolic syndrome and urolithiasis: a prospective cross-sectional study- Dr Prasanna Ram
Prospective study to evaluate the role of dual energy computed tomography for in vivo prediction of urinary calculus composition – Dr Amit Kumar
Peri-operative, functional, quality of life, and oncological outcomes after robot-assisted radical cystectomy and intra-corporeal orthotopic ileal neobladder – our experience – Dr Preetham Dev 
Utility of WhatsApp in emergency urological practice: an inter – rater reliability study- Dr Sharma A P

1400 – 1500 hrs Moderated Podium Session IV 

Chairpersons: Dr Anjani Agarwal, Dr Nischith Dsouza, Dr Suresh Patankar
Safety & efficacy of mirabegron in children with early valve bladder – a pilot study- Dr Chittibabu TK
Over active bladder index (OABI)- an objective diagnostic marker in children – Dr Ashwin Muthukumar R
To formulate and evaluate the efficacy of limited metabolic workup protocol in paediatric stone formers – Dr Suraj J
Combined ureteroscopy and PCNL in children aged 8 to 18 years – Dr Priyabatra Adhikari
Factors predicting high grade (>Clavien grade 4) complications in patients with forgotten encrusted stents? – a retrospective study – Dr Praanjal Gupta
A study of lidocaine jelly for prevention of inadvertent retrograde stone migration during pneumatic lithotripsy of ureteral stone – Dr Naresh Sapariya
Comparison of tamsulosin, tolterodine and their combination for the treatment of ureteral stent related symptoms: a prospective, randomised, comparative study – Dr Naveen Kumar Reddy M
Use of TAE in urology: an institutional experience from South India – Dr Stanly Gladson Daniel J

1500 – 1700 hrs Technology Session

Chairpersons: Dr T Manohar, Dr Anshuman Agarwal, Dr Ranjan Kumar Dey
Technology session I Olympus ( 40  mins )Experts: Dr Madhu S Agarwal, Dr M Prabhakar
New Advancements in BPH Management – ITIND &TUEB – Dr C Mallikarjuna ( 10mins )New Advancement in Mini-PCNL- Shockpulse technology and New Mini-PCNL System – Dr R B Sabnis ( 10 mins )RIRS with Durabend Technology – Dr Chandramohan V ( 10mins )Discussion ( 10 mins )
Technology session II – Lisa Laser and Healthware ( 40 mins )Experts: Dr Sanjay Pandey, Dr Kandarp Parikh
Bail me out session!! ( 40 mins )Moderator: Dr. Nitesh JainIntroduction and Overview – Dr Nitesh Jain (2 min)Basket not getting disengaged from the stone in URS/RIRS – Dr Kandarp Parikh (5 min)Ureter not accommodative during RIRS – what next? – Dr Datson George (5 min)Urethral dilatation not possible beyond 20fr for TURP – Dr Siddalinga Swamy (5 min)Difficult dilatation wire getting kinked in a redo PCNL- Dr M Prabhakar (5 min)Not able to access the abdomen for a laparoscopy procedure – Dr Ankit Fusakele (5 min)Not able to identify the ureter for ureteric re-implantation post gynecological injury – Dr Sanjay Pandey (5 min)Uretero – ileal leak post ileal conduit creation – Dr R Manikandan (Pondicherry) (5 min)Expert Comment: Dr Prashant Mulawkar (3 min)

1700 – 1800 hrs Invited Speaker Session I (8 mins each)

Chairpersons: Dr Anil Goyal, Dr GG Laxman Prabhu, Dr KK Panigrahy
Robotic Partial Cystectomy – Technique and Oncologic Outcomes – Dr Ashok HemalTroubleshooting during robotic renal surgery – Dr Chandru SundramAlternatives to a Continent Urinary Tract Reconstruction – Dr Pramod ReddyInternational Collaborations in Urology – The Scope and the Promise – Dr Aseem ShuklaRobotic Simple Prostatectomy- Is it the future Gold standard? – Dr Monish AronHigh frequency ureteroscopic renal stone dusting: Strategy and technical Aspects – Dr Khurshid GhaniRobotic radical cystectomy and intracorporeal diversion – Dr Mihir Desai
1815 – 1900 hrsISU Programme
1900 – 1930 hrsIJU Programme
1930 – 2200 hrsEntertainment Programme

Day III – Sunday, 14th February 2021

Hall A

0900 – 1000 hrs IJU Session Moderator: Dr Rajeev Kumar

Theme: Web Etiquette
Introduction: Dr Rajeev Kumar ( 2 mins ) Webinar platforms and their features – Dr Apul Goel (10 mins )Videos for online platforms – Dr Anil Mandhani ( 10 mins )Room set-up and preparations – Dr Arabind Panda ( 10 mins )Presentation etiquette – Dr Rajeev Kumar ( 10 mins )Attendee etiquette – Dr Santosh Kumar ( 10 mins )Discussion ( 6 mins )
Take home message: Dr Rajeev Kumar ( 2 mins )

1000 – 1115 hrs 
Paediatric Urology Subspecialty Session
Convener: Dr Anil Takvani

Session I:  Pediatric Hydronephrosis (30 mins) Chairpersons:  Dr H M Punjani, Dr Suresh K Bhagat
Prenatal HN – postnatal approach – Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy (7 mins)Persistent or worsening HN in post PU valve fulguration cases – Dr Prasanna Venkatesh (7 mins)Ureterocele in duplex system – Approach? – Dr Rahul Kapoor (7 mins)Obstructed megaureter – Treatment options – Dr Chandra Singh (7 mins)
Session II: Pediatric Hydronephrosis case discussion (30 mins)Moderator – Dr Anil Takvani Panelists – Dr Luis Braga, Dr Aseem Shukla, Dr M S Ansari, Dr Hemant Pathak, Dr Udayshankar Chatterjee
Session III (15 mins) – Dr SS Joshi Master’s DebateProximal Hypospadias – Single stage repairFor – Dr Amilal Bhat (5 mins)Against – Dr Douglas Canning (5 mins)Rebuttal – Dr Amilal Bhat (2 mins) Dr Douglas Canning (2 mins)

1115 – 1245 hrs
Tips and tricks (Semi Live) 
(5 mins each)

Chairpersons: Dr SK Singh, Dr George P Abraham, Dr Vijoy Kumar
Trans-mesocolic pyeloplasty – Dr Vijay RadhakrishnanIntracorporeal ileal conduit: How I do it? – Dr Sudhir RawalCohen’s ureteric reimplantation – Dr Mallikarjuna ReddyRisk reduction strategies in Robotic Transplant – Dr Kishore TAFailed urethroplasty with long segment bulbo-membranous stricture – Dr Pankaj JoshiTrans-Vaginal repair for Urethrovaginal fistula involving bladder neck – Dr Arun ChawlaPartial Nephrectomy for a 4cm hilar tumor – Dr Gagan GautamPost radical prostatectomy urethra-vesical anastomosis- options – Dr Swapan SoodMulti-vessel anastomosis in a Renal Transplant – Dr Vikas JainLaparoscopic Sacrocolpoplexy – Dr Meera RaghavanComplete Genitourinary reconstruction in failed extrophy epispadias repair – Dr Suresh Kumar BhagatLaparoscopic Augmentation Cystoplasty – Dr Rahul GuptaLap Redo Pyeloplasty – Dr RK GopalakrishnaLap extra vesical ureteric reimplantation in children – Dr Samir SwainStone translocation in RIRS – Dr Vikram SridharanDiscussion: 15 mins

1245 – 1345 hrs 
Invited Speaker Session II 
( 8 mins each ) 

Chairpersons: Dr Lalit Shah, Dr Pitchai Balashanmugham, Dr Arvind Agarwal
Future trends in urethral reconstruction – Dr Chris ChapplePost Priapism ED – implications and management – Dr Ajay NehraA global perspective of stenting after ureteroscopy – Dr Jean de la RosetteNewer Controversies in reconstructive surgery for anterior urethra – Dr Caleb KovellComplications of ureteorsocpy and how to minimise it – Dr Bhaskar SomaniPelvic floor hypertony- Management. Does that work? – Dr Priyanka GuptaThe innovation and relevance of E-based learning and assessment for Urology in current times – an Asian overview – Dr Selva Sothalingam

1345 – 1445 hrs
Invited Speaker Session III ( 8 mins each ) 

Chairpersons: Dr Anil Varshney, Dr Shyam Babu Prasad, Lt Col Bharat Nath
Anatomical basis of nerve preservation in robotic radical prostatectomy – Dr Ashutosh TewariChanging paradigm in BPH management – Dr Allen ChiuCytoreductive Robotic Partial Nephrectomy during the Covid 19 Pandemic – Dr Jim AdsheadRobotic prostatectomy update 2021 – Techniques improving oncological and patient outcomes – Dr Nikhil VasdevRobotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomy for hilar tumours – Dr Manal KumarECIRS: Tailoring management of urolithiasis – Dr Vineet GauharHow to set up a stone service. Tips for successful team work – Dr Amelia Pietropaolo


Hall B

0900 – 1115 hrs
Young Urologists Forum
Convenors:  Dr Dilip Mishra, Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed,  Dr Karthickeyan Naganathan 

0900-0905 hrs Introduction: Dr Dilip Mishra 
0905 – 0935 hrs Session I: Endourology (6 mins each)Moderators: Dr Zahid Raza, Dr Tanuj Paul BhatiaExpert: Dr S K Pal
Thulium fiber laser – is it worth the hype – Dr Soundarya AEEP – is it going to take over TURP – Dr Ashwin MallyaMini PCNL: is it the Masterkey to all renal stones? – Dr Harshvardhan TanwarEconomics of RIRS for a newbee – Dr Karthickeyan NDiscussion: 6 min
0935 – 1005 hrs Session II: Out of the BOX (6 mins each)Moderators: Dr Rohit Joshi, Dr Sholey MeitiExpert: Dr Anil MandhaniInvited Talk – Work life balance – Dr Anshuman KapoorProcuring Instruments – perspective of a fresh Urologist – Dr Nandakishore BhatHow to go about Telemedicine – Dr Raman TanwarData Entry and Record keeping in Practice – Dr Ravi JainDiscussion: 6 min
1005 – 1030 hrs Session III: Debates Moderators: Dr Brojen Barman, Dr Prashant Darakh
DEBATE I Bulbar Urethral Stricture: Graft I Like..Inner Prepucial Graft – Dr Kalpesh Parmar ( 5 mins )Buccal Mucosal Graft – Dr Bhavtej E ( 5 mins )Rebuttal: 1 min each
DEBATE IIPyeloplasty: the best way to do..Robotic: Dr Ankur Mittal ( 5 mins )Laparoscopic: Dr Abhishek Singh ( 5 mins )Rebuttal: 1 min each
1030 – 1100 hrs Session IV: Uro-oncology (6 min each)Moderators: Dr Aditya P Sharma, Dr Ashwin TamhankarExpert: Dr TB Yuvaraja
MP MRI for bladder cancer staging: the advent of VIRADS – Dr Tejus ChiranjeeviPenile preservation surgery for carcinoma penis – Dr Amaresh MohanCytoreductive nephrectomy: bygone procedure or still alive? – Dr Manmeet SinghChemotherapy for high grade UTUC – Dr Nitin Garg
1100 hrs Closing remarks – Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed

1115 – 1215 hrs  
Women Urologists Session Moderator: Dr Anita Patel

Chairpersons: Dr Bakhtawar Dastur, Dr Vatsala Trivedi
Introduction – Dr Anita Patel (5 min)Down the memory lane – Dr Sulabha Punekar (7 min)Endourology and me – Dr Sagorika Paul (7 min)Sealing the leak – Dr Lalitha (7 min)Driving a department to progress – Dr Sujata Patwardhan (7 min)Urology and women : View from the West – Dr Priyanka Gupta (7 min)Panel discussion ( 20 mins ) “Fair sex fairer deal!”Panelists: Dr Neerja Tillu, Dr Sheetal Mistry, Dr Madhuri Sadanala

1215 – 1315 hrsDebate I, II, III ( 20 mins each ) 
Moderators: Dr Ganesh BakshiDr M Prabhakar 

EPLND vs SLND high risk Ca prostateEPLND – Dr Sanjay Addla ( 7 mins )SLND – Dr Gagan Prakash ( 7 mins )Rebuttal – 2 mins each
Transperineal vs Transrectal Biopsy for Prostate CaTransperineal – Dr Anantkrishnan Sivaraman ( 7 mins )Transrectal – Dr Aditya Prakash Sharma ( 7 mins ) Rebuttal – 2 mins each
Ultrasound guided vs Fluoroscopy in PCNL: Ultrasound guided – Dr Swapan Sood ( 7 mins )Fluoroscopy guided – Dr Suryaprakash V ( 7 mins )Rebuttal – 2 mins eachExperts View: Moderators ( 5 mins )

1315 – 1400 hrs  
Balloon Debate: 101g prostate 
Moderator: Dr D Ramesh, Dr Pankaj Maheshwari

1st round: 6 min each 2nd round: 4 min each 3rd round: 3 min each
Robotic prostatectomy – Dr Jitendra JagtapLaser enucleation – Dr Sadashiv BholeTURP – Dr Sudheer DevanaBipolar enucleation – Dr Mohd Taif Bendigeri

1400 – 1445 hrs
‘Does a stitch in time saves nine?’                            Moderators: Dr SK SinghDr Abhishek Singh

Complete ureteral avulsion: Early vs delayed interventionEarly: Dr Shashank Dhanuka (4mins)Late: Dr Prashant Darakh (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr Ajit Sawant (2mins)
VVF Repair: Early vs DelayedEarly: Dr Lalit Shah (4 mins)Delayed: Dr Karthickeyan Naganathan (4 mins)Expert Comment: Dr Jayesh Dhabalia (2 mins)
Post-prostatectomy incontinence: Sphincter implantationEarly vs DelayedEarly: Dr T Manohar (4mins)Delayed: Dr Deepak Dubey (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr PN Dogra (2mins)
Pelvic fracture urethral injuryEarly vs DelayedEarly: Dr Ashish Pardeshi (4mins)Delayed: Dr Bhavatej Enganti (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr Pankaj Joshi (2mins)
Take Home Message: Dr SK Singh and Dr Abhishek Singh (5mins)
Hall C

0900 – 1000 hrsModerated Podium Session V

Chairpersons: Dr Prasanna Kumar Mishra, Dr Sasanka Kumar Barua, Dr CS Manohar, Dr Aseem Kapadia
Kidney-pancreas transplant: initial experience at a teaching hospital – Dr Rizvi SJ
Renal bench pyelolithotomy for renal calculi in living related kidney transplant – Dr Malik Sandeep
Correlation of methods of glomerular filtration rate estimation: cockcroft-gault equation, modification of diet in renal disease, chronic kidney disease epidemiology collaboration, and dtpa renography in prospective renal donors – Dr Malik Sandeep
Long term health related quality of life of living kidney donors: a single centre experience – Dr Surag K R
A comparative analytical study on detrusor wall thickness and urodynamic study in predicting voiding failure following TURP – Dr Basil Mathew
The role of ultrasound estimated detrusor wall thickness in the prediction of bladder outlet obstruction in males – Dr Harmanmeet Singh
Efficacy and safety of Mirabegron for the treatment of neurogenic detrusor overactivity resulting from traumatic spinal cord injury: a prospective study – Dr Vishnu Prasad
Comparison between lingual mucosal graft and vaginal mucosal graft urethroplasty results for female urethral strictures – Dr Hari Shankar Singh

1000 – 1100 hrsResidents ForumConvenor – Dr Milap Shah

Moderators: Dr Ginil Kumar, Dr Gagan PrakashChairpersons: Dr Aneesh Srivastav, Dr Ganesh Kamath, Dr Lalit ShahTheme – ” Organized Residency” (Steps to become an efficient trainee and resident)
Evaluate and Know yourself – Dr Milap Shah ( 7 mins )Time management to improve efficiency, reduce burnout and maintain work-life harmony – Dr Krunal Rathod ( 7 mins )OR management: A resident’s guide to improve quality and efficiency – Dr Juhil Nanavati ( 7 mins )OPD management: Tips to improve and promote office practice – Dr Nikita Srivastava (7 mins)Patient satisfaction: Measurement tools and methods to improve it – Dr Aditya Parikh (7 mins)Be a leader: Role of a senior resident – Dr Manharsinh Rajput (7 mins)Re-evaluate and adapt to change – Dr Abheesh Varma Hegde (7 mins)
Q&A (10 mins)

1100 – 1200 hrs
Basic Sciences and Research Subspecialty Session                       Convener: Dr GG Laxman Prabhu

Theme: Uro-Onco Pathology                               Chairperson: Dr Kim Mammen, Dr Shailesh Raina 
Introduction – Dr Laxman Prabhu (2 mins)
Bladder and Kidney cancer in 2021 why is accurate histological typing important – Dr Mahul Amin ( 35 mins )Questions to Dr Amin by Dr Rahul Yadav ( 3 mins )
IHC for Urological malignancy: Which one and when? – Dr Shailesh Soni ( 15 mins )Questions to Dr Soni by Dr Karthikeyan ( 2 mins )
Molecular and Genetic work up for cancer prostate – how does it impact a Urologist – Dr Moushmi Suryavanshi (15 mins)Questions to Dr Moushmi by Dr Sandeep (2 mins)
Closing Remarks: Dr Abhishek Singh ( 1 mins )

1200 – 1300 hrs
Point Counter Point Session I, II, III 
( 20 mins each )

Chairpersons: Dr AK Mandal, Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, Dr Amlesh Seth
PUJ obstruction in children below 15 years – IVU vs Dynamic scansIVU – Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy (8 mins)Dynamic scans – Dr Ravimohan Mavuduru (8 mins)Summary by the Chair (4 mins)
PSMA PET CT in localized Ca ProstateFor – Dr Ginil Kumar ( 8 mins)Against – Dr Hemang Bakshi ( 8 mins)Summary by the Chair (4 mins)
Suction in stone management a gimmick or realityGimmick – Dr Madhu S Agrawal ( 8 mins)Reality – Dr Janak Desai (8 mins)Summary by the chair (4 mins)

1300 – 1400 hrs  Key Note Address ( 20 mins each ) 

Chairpersons: Dr RB Sabnis, Dr Rajendra Singh Sinam, Dr S Vasudevan
A urologist journey from India to EAU Guidelines Panel – Prof Bhaskar SomaniCurrent best practice in metabolic evaluation and medical management of stone disease – Glenn Preminger  What I see as the future of stone management – Marshall Stoller

1400 – 1445 hrs ‘With great power comes greater responsibility!’ Moderators: Dr Prashant Patnaik, Dr Suresh Patankar

Laparoscopic urology – Ligasure vs Harmonic Ligasure: Dr Prabhjot Singh ( 4 mins )Harmonic: Dr Adittya Kumar Sharma ( 4 mins )Expert Comment: Dr Suryaprakash V ( 2 mins )
Energy source for impacted ureteric stone – Pneumatic vs LaserPneumatic: Dr Sholay Meiti (4mins)Laser: Dr Praveen Sundar (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr K Gopichand (2 mins)
Energy source for large staghorn stone: Triology vs ShockpulseTriology: Dr Dilip Mishra (4mins)Shockpulse: Dr Rajesh Kukreja (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr Kaushik Shah (2mins)
Energy source for prostatic enucleation: Thulium Laser vs Holmium laserThulium Laser: Dr Prem Kumar (4mins)Holmium laser: Dr Tanuj Paul Bhatia (4mins)Expert Comment: Dr Anil Varshney (2mins)
Take Home Message: Dr Prashant Patnaik, Dr Suresh Patankar (5mins)
Hall D

0900 – 1030 hrs USI Quiz Competition for Residents 

Quiz Master: Dr Arvind Ganpule

1030 – 1130 hrs  
Practitioners Forum                                Convenor: Dr Jacky Lalmalani 

Chairpersons: Dr Kim Mammen, Dr Ajay Bhandarkar, Dr Poulose Chally
Session IMedicolegal issues:Moderator: Dr Lalit ShahCPA 2019 – Dr Sunil Joshi ( 7 mins )New Twist in Consent Form – Dr Ashok Sharma ( 7 mins )Are we at mercy of Instrument Manufacturers? Direx Lithotriptor – Dr Deepak Joshi ( 5 mins )Telescopes – Dr Harshwardhan Tanwar ( 5 mins )  Lasers – Dr Dilip Dhanpal ( 5 mins )
Session IIModerator: Dr Hiren SodhaMinimally Invasive??? for a large Renal CalculusRIRS – Dr K Nanjappa ( 6 mins ) vs PCNL – Dr SK Pal ( 6 mins )
Where to Practise? Corporate Hospital – Dr Vinit Shah ( 5 mins )Nursing Home – Dr Ulhas Sathye ( 5 mins )Day Care Centre – Dr J G Lalmalani ( 5 mins )
Expert comment: Dr S P Yadav ( 2 mins )  Take home message: Dr J G Lalmalani ( 2 mins )

1130 – 1230 hrs Simulation in Urology Convenor: Dr Ashish R Patil

Chairpersons: Dr Shivdeo Bapat, Dr Muneer Khan
Theme: DIY and learn 
Prelude to simulation – 8 mins Moderator: Dr D DalelaUrology simulation in India – Dr Rajesh Kukreja ( 4 mins )Effect of lock down on training – How can we overcome it? – Dr Eddie Chan ( 4 mins )
DIY section:Moderator – Dr Kaushik Shah DIY simulators, SOPs and demonstration for RIRS – Dr Subodh Shivde and Dr Chandramohan V ( 6 mins )DIY simulators, SOPs and demonstration for Laparoscopy – Dr Krishnaprasad T, Dr Jitendra Jagtap – ( 6 mins ) 
Moderator – Dr D RameshDIY simulators, SOPs and demonstration for TURP – Dr Lokesh Patni, Dr Nikhil Khattar – ( 6 mins )DIY simulators in PCNL – Dr Mohammad Lezrek – ( 6 mins )Simulation lab visit and demonstration of the Bulls Eye and Triangulation technique – workshop- Dr Ashish Patil ( 10 mins )Recipe to making home grown models for simulation – Dr Domenico (7 mins ) Will simulation training emulate the basic surgical training – For Dr Parag Gulhane ( 4 mins )Against – Dr Jamal Rizvi ( 4 mins )Take home message: Dr Ashish Patil ( 3 mins )

1230 – 1300 hrs  Ultrasonogram and Urologist

Chairpersons Dr Shashikant Mishra, Dr Alagappan C, Dr Vikas AgarwalDiagnostic -15 mins – Dr Suyog ShettyTherapeutic – 15 mins – Dr Harprit Singh

1300 – 1330 hrs Changing paradigm of MRI in urological practice 

Chairpersons: Dr Jagadish Kulkarni, Dr Santhoshi Naigaonkar, Dr Amitabh SinghCancer prostate – 15 mins – Dr Rakesh SharmaBladder cancer – 15 mins – Dr Tushar Aditya Narain

1330 – 1415 hrs  Role of Artificial Intelligence in Urology: The Road Ahead                        Convenor: Dr Bhavan Prasad Rai Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed

Chairperson: Dr PP Rao, Dr SK Raghunath, Dr Nithesh Jain
1330 – 1332 hrs: Introduction – Dr Bhavan Prasad Rai1332 – 1340 hrs: Role of AI in surgical training – Prof Prokar Dasgupta                    1340 – 1348 hrs: ‘AI in Urology’ the journey has only just begun – Prof Naeem Soomro1348 – 1356 hrs: AI: What you need to know as a urology resident – Dr Milap Shah1356 – 1404 hrs: When AI meets Robotic Surgery – Dr Bhavan Prasad Rai1404 – 1412 hrs: Computational pathology – Dr Renu Ethirajan1412 – 1415 hrs: Concluding Remarks: Dr BM Zeeshan Hameed

1415 – 1450 hrsHow I do it? Session 

Chairpersons: Dr HK Nagraj, Dr PVLN Murthy, Dr A Nagraj Rao 
Pyelo-vesicostomy in a case of giant hydronephrosis – Dr Santosh Kumar ( 5 min )Management of bladder perforation during TURBT – Dr Vijay Bora ( 5 min )Laparoscopic CAPD insertion – Dr Rohan Batra ( 5 min )Management of IVC injury during laparoscopic nephrectomy – Dr Ruchir Maheshwari ( 5 min )Retroperitoneoscopic pyelolithotomy – Dr Muneer Khan ( 5 min )Laparoscopic management of level 1 IVC thrombus – Dr Brusabhanu Nayak ( 5min)
Discussion 5 min

Free Poster Session

Tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy for forgotten and retained stent in renal allograft recipient – Shanawaz AlamManagement of isthmus calculi in a horseshoe kidney – Novel PCNL technique – Hariharan NatarajanSafety and feasibility of hybrid perfusion in Live related renal transplantation – A retrospective study – Mathisekaran ThangarasuStudy on Outcome of Supracostal and Subcostal Puncture in PCNL for Renal Calculus: A Retrospective Analysis – Madhu SNManaging staghorn calculi with minimum punctures in supine PCNL. Is it possible? – Kulkarni GCDoes Increased Serum C-Reactive Protein Level Is Associated with Early prediction of failure of medical management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – Sandeep PrasadThe missing link – Visceral adiposity and urolithiasis – Prasanna RamImpact Of COVID-19 pandemic on urological emergencies: an institutional experience – Mahendran GRenal capillary hemangioma masquerading as upper tract urothelial tumour: a challenge to unmask – a case report – Shyam MohanIs metabolic profile mandatory in pediatric surgically active stone disease?? Yes, it is – Pratikkumar ShahStudy on prevalence of sleep disorders in patients with erectile dysfunction – Sujith M JoseBone metastasis from Testicular Rhabdomyosarcoma a rarest of rare situation – a case report and review of literature – Yadav Anuj KumarUrethral Calculi: Presentation, evaluation and management – Ajay GandhiRisk factors of Urosepsis after Ureteroscopic lithotripsy – Ubaid AliAnastomotic urethroplasty in children with PFUDD – Shashank Dilip PatilBedwetting: Outcome of a free bedwetting camp held on the occasion of ‘World Bedwetting Day 2020’ – Shashank Dilip PatilApproach to urological emergencies in COVID + patients in a dedicated COVID Hospital – Kaul NKRetrospective review of retained Double J Stents – Arun Kumar AEnigma of Endourology: Matrix Renal Stone. Case series and review of literature – Shah P HAn observational study of the effect of the use of air for pyelogram during PCNL. Air embolism: reality or myth? – Mahakshit BhatBalanoposthitis with isolated glans penis wet gangrene in Diabetes Mellitus – Bhondave Suraj TComparative study of clinical outcome of Dorsal Buccal Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty by Onlay and Inlay method for stricture involving anterior urethra in men – Pingale N DVaried presentations of penile injuries – A rare predicament – Sandeep Prasad Predictors for heavy bleeding post Percutanous Nephrolithotomy requiring angioembolisation: fifteen years study from a high volume tertiary endourology centre – Gurvansh Singh SachdevThe outcome results of live related renal transplants with the use of ringer lactate and additives as a cheaper alternative to organ preserving solutions in a public run hospital in a developing country – our experience for the past 5 years – Abheesh Varma HegdeAssessment of long-term outcome, complications & impact on renal function in bladder reconstruction with ileal segments: Review from a tertiary centre in Western India – Abheesh Varma HegdeEvaluation of serum and 24-hour Urine Fetuin-A levels in urolithiasis – Patankar RIntravesical bacillus Calmette – Guérin (BCG) in treating Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) – Analysis of adverse effects and effectiveness between two strains of BCG (Danish 1331 and Moscow) – Varun Vishnu AgarwalPenile Incarceration with Encircling Objects: Institutional Experience – Deepesh KalraA rare association of Staghorn Calculus in renal tuberculosis – A case report – Yogendra Basoo GuptaForgotten Double J Stent needing Upper Tract and Lower Tract Approach – A Challenge In Endourology – B Sourabh Chandra ReddyRenal transplant in a patient of severe hemophilia – Malik SandeepObstructive Uropathy in Diabetics with Suspected Papillary Necrosis – Is there more to that problem than meets the eye – Reporting a case series of Fungal Nephropathy – Parthiban NComparative efficacy of Tadalafil vs Tamsulosin in management of BPH-LUTS – Abhijit SamalBrunn’s Cyst – A rare cause of bladder outlet obstruction – Sayed AALaparoscopic deroofing of post renal transplant lymphoceles – A single centre experience – Ujwal KumarBilateral single system ectopic ureters with continence – A fortunate rarity! – Gadodia MPercutaneous Nephrolithotomy in the flank free modified supine position: Safety, efficacy and outcomes: Our institutional experience – Nisith Ranjan KabatIndependent predictor of biochemical recurrence in T2 and T3 carcinoma prostate after 104 Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Single Centre Experience – Mukesh Bhimjibhai AhirHemophilia B: a rare cause of hematuria with clot retention – Ranjan RSelective Arterial Embolization as definitive management in Wunderlich’s Syndrome – Conservative approach to a urological emergency in COVID era – Rochlani TarunFactors predicting successful surgical outcome after Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL): comparison of Guy’s stone score and STONE Score – A Prospective study – Bhaumik Bharatbhai BaradDoes catheter care have an influence on the catheter related urinary tract infections? – A single centre prospective observational study – Madhav TiwariAugmented full thickness skin graft urethroplasty for urethral stricture disease predisposes to CA Penis: A case report – Ghorai R PIatrogenic renal artery injury following minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in a case of Tubercular Spondylodiscitis, necessitating Nephrectomy – Gurpremjit SinghManagement of penile strangulation by metal ring – Gujela AjitLaser epilation of luminal hair following skin graft urethroplasty for hypospadias: The hair snare – Kumar SCyanoacrylate glue causing hydroureteronephrosis after angioembolization for pseudoaneurysm: A case report of glue masquerading as an obstructive stone – Kumar SUrinary bladder secondaries from a primary Iliac Bone Synovial Sarcoma: a rare diagnostic dilemma – Jain NProspective study comparing outcome of open versus robotic pediatric kidney transplant – single centre experience – Dhruv Bhupendra Bhai PatelProblems during COVID-19 pandemic for prospective deceased donor renal transplant recipients – Kamal HCorrelation of detrusor wall thickness with international prostate symptom score in men evaluated for lower urinary tract symptoms – Rakesh PSmall contracted bladder posing bigger problems: Etiology, presentation and management – Tosh JMHypospadias in adults, a comparison with children – Sandeep KumarIncidence of De-Novo erectile dysfunction after reconstructive surgery for anterior urethral stricture disease: A prospective study – Prasenjit BhowmikThe comparative clinical study between the conventional port closure technique and the Chennai port closure technique following minimally invasive surgeries – Mathisekaran TAnuria secondary to ureteric calculi in a postoperative case of radical cystectomy with ileal conduit – Piyush Kumar PatawariFactors prognosticating recurrence and overall survival in Upper tract urothelial carcinoma: A ten-year retrospective single tertiary experience – Gregory PathroseImpact of COVID – 19 Pandemic on non COVID patient’s management in Urology; a multi-centre experience – Jibhakate NikhileshEvaluation of Urinary tract stones by Computed Tomography Scan and its correlation with Stone Composition – Yamajala Sai SwaroopDoes PCNL spell the end of open surgery in the management of Staghorn Calculi??? – Manharsinh Rajput
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