USIWeb 2.0 Project

The core team of USIWeb interacted through a virtual meeting to build the strategy on how to facelift the USI website. The vision was planned and action points were made. The following roles were assigned to the core web team:

RamanDr. DeepakDr. RahulDr. MilapDr. ZeeshanDr. AbhishekDr. KarthikeyanDr. NiteshDr. TanujDr. Dilip
Primary Role: Web LeadPrimary Role: Newsletter and ArchivingPrimary Role: Tech Backup and UpdatesPrimary Role: Memberships and SupportPrimary Role: Security and PaymentsPrimary Role: Fellowships and CoursesPrimary Role: Coordination and SecretaryPrimary Role: SEO and Social LinkingPrimary Role: Recurring micro programsPrimary Role: Event Updation and Courses
Role Assignment of USIWeb 2.0
USIWeb 2.0 Project
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